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Companies worth a million ... or more? 10 most valuable sports brands

Sports is an industry in which both athletes and large sports brands freely develop and earn money. They are gaining popularity every day, or, conversely, slowing down. Therefore, if you look at the rating of the most profitable companies, even in two consecutive years, you can see completely different pictures.

In October 2019, the American magazine Forbes, as part of the Fab 40 project, published a fresh top 10 of the most expensive sports brands among outfitters, competition organizers, food manufacturers and TV companies. We tell you who made the list this time.


Brand value: $ 36.8 billion

Famous American it is not the first time that the company has taken the leading position in the rating. Over the past year, Nike shares have grown by 25%, and over the past two they have outpaced their main competitor, adidas, in growth rates by two to one.

Today, the brand produces sports equipment, develops a large-scale running movement, supports many sports stars. Among them are footballers Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, who signed, for a second, a lifetime contract for $ 24 million a year, tennis player Serena Williams, basketball player Michael Jordan, figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, marathon runners Eliud Kipchoge and Bridget Cosgei and many others.


Brand value: $ 13.1 billion

In 2019, the American cable channel proved that its slogan The Worldwide Leader In Sports is fully justified. ESPN mainly broadcasts live or recorded games, including baseball and American football, news programs, talk shows, and documentaries. Naturally, they are all sports oriented.


Brand value: $ 11.2 billion

The German concern continues to grow steadily: over the past year, its shares have grown by 35%. In April 2019, the company began collaborating with singer Beyoncé. Together, they plan to release a spectacular collaboration and relaunch the artist's Ivy Park clothing line.

Adidas is a full-time sportswear and footwear manufacturer, organizing events around the world and sponsoring athletes such as Lionel Messi, Mohammed Salah and David Beckham. Interestingly, in the last century, the brand supported Mohammed Ali and Stanley Smith - this is how the sensational model Stan Smith arose.

Companies worth a million ... or more? 10 most valuable sports brands

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Companies worth a million ... or more? 10 most valuable sports brands

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Brand value: $ 6.7 billion

The company for the production of isotonic liquids unexpectedly debuted in the top ten It turns out that Gatorade accounts for 77% of the US sports drinks market.Therefore, the ambassadors are mostly Americans: basketball players Paul George and Karl-Anthony Towns, American football player Justin James Watt, baseball players Francisco Lindor and Bryce Harper, athlete Sidney McLaughlin and others.

Sky Sports

Brand value: $ 4.4 billion

This brand played a large role in the commercialization of British sports, and in 2019 increased the audience of the Sky Sports Premier League channel as much by 12%. The company's broadcasting network usually includes traditional sports. For example, football (with special attention to the Premier League), motorsport or tennis. But sometimes there are spectacles that are quite rare for the Russian audience: tournaments in darsz, cricket and Gaelic football.


Brand value: $ 4 billion

Puma is a newcomer to the Fab 40 ranking thanks to its explosive growth last year. The company's shares are up 74% - a truly amazing figure. Today, the brand's outfit is worn by the Italian football team and the Manchester City club along with coach Pep Guardiola, racer Lewis Hamilton, figure skater Alina Zagitova and basketball player RJ Barrett.

Companies worth a million ... or more? 10 most valuable sports brands

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Companies worth a million ... or more? 10 most valuable sports brands

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Under Armor

Brand value: $ 3.5 billion

And this American concern clearly demonstrates that success has a downside. The brand recently ranked higher and cost 36% more three years ago. Right now, Under Armor's operating income - excluding taxes, interest, depreciation and depreciation - is falling steadily. It has declined 72% over the past couple of years. The owners worry that the public has only begun to perceive them as manufacturers of gym clothing.

However, the company continues to support Steph Curry, Dwayne Johnson and our gymnasts AlecSandra Soldatova and Margarita Mamun.


Brand value: $ 2.4 billion

The only organization on the list that hosts major sporting events. Views of fights have always brought good money to the owners of the brand, but now the commission from paid broadcasts on ESPN + is falling into the UFC's piggy bank. Thanks to a seven-year deal with Disney, it was signed last year.

YES Network

Brand value: $ 1.5 billion

In 2019, an unusual incident occurred with YES Network, which apparently gave impetus to the channel and increased his income. In September, a consortium of investors led by the owner of the New York Yankees completely bought the American TV channel from Disney for $ 3.47 billion. So don't be surprised that there are so many pictures of Bronx baseball players on YES Instagram.


Brand value: $ 800 million

The modern top 10 is closed by the well-known company for the production of sportswear and accessories. This is the only concern that is worth less than a billion dollars and is nonetheless included in the ranking. The year before last was a bad year for Reebok and saw a 3% loss in sales, but the company became profitable again in 2019.

Basketball player Allen Iverson, fighter Conor McGregor and American football players Brandin Cooks and Devonta Freeman wear Reebok outfit. .

Companies worth a million ... or more? 10 most valuable sports brands

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Companies worth a million ... or more? 10 most valuable sports brands

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