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Cold is not a hindrance. What events should you attend in December?

The first winter month is coming closer and closer. But we advise you not to stop moving at your usual active pace. If you want to spend the last month of this year in a fun and profitable way, choose the right event with the help of the traditional selection of the Championship. A large-scale dance project, a sledge hockey festival, tough running training and even an international esports championship are waiting for you.

International Ranking Dressage Tournament

When? 27 November - December 1
Where? Maxima Park, Gorki Sukharevskie, Moscow Region

Tomorrow, in one of the largest equestrian centers of our country, an international rating dressage tournament of 3 * level will begin ... This sport perfectly demonstrates the grace of the animal, the skill of the rider and the teamwork of man and horse. Athletes from Malaysia, Brazil, Moldova and Egypt will bring their thoroughbred horses to Russia.

Following the results of the upcoming competitions, the best riders from all over the world will receive personal tickets to the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. And a special guest of the event will be the Englishman Ferdinand Eilberg - the new coach of the Russian national dressage team, who will prepare athletes for the 2020 Games. The organizers of the tournament promise that guests will be able to comfortably spend time in the center and witness a truly beautiful spectacle!

Registration is required to participate. Free admission for guests.

Red Bull's Only Top dance project

When? November 29 - December 1
Where? Vladivostok

This year, the project from Red Bull Only Top in Vladivostok will bring together top dancers from countries such as Russia, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong ... They will be judged by a world-renowned competent jury: Green Teck, Chaekit, LYNN, Jimmy Weeden, Marthe Vangeel, ALEX Alex the Cage and Andrey Boyko. Also invited participants from Japan: Maika, Hayato and Atsuki will express their professional opinion. Only Top participants will have a chance to attend master classes of the stars of the dance world. So if you want to plunge into the atmosphere of street styles from the movie Step Up, feel free to join the event.

Admission is free. The schedule of battles can be found here.
More details.

FONBET Children's Sledge Hockey League Festival

When? November 30 - December 4
Where? Olympic Park, Sochi

Cold is not a hindrance. What events should you attend in December?

Photo: Press Service of the Children's Sledge Hockey League

The upcoming festival will become the main sporting event of the year for many children, their parents and friends. They will have the opportunity to get more game practice and meet like-minded people andfrom different parts of the country. On the ice in the Olympic city 16 sledge hockey teams from 14 regions of Russia: from Krasnoyarsk to St. Petersburg will meet. Tournament games will be held at Yug-Sport arenas - all of them are adapted for people with disabilities.

In addition to the matches, the organizers have developed an entertainment program that includes table hockey, virtual reality, face painting, a photo exhibition, master classes, yoga and dancing.

Free admission.

Cold is not a hindrance. What events should you attend in December?

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Cold is not a hindrance. What events should you attend in December?

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CrossFit The Battle

When? November 30 - December 1
Where? Artplay, Moscow

Cold is not a hindrance. What events should you attend in December?

Photo: Reebok Press Service

On This weekend, teenagers and young athletes will face a new serious test - the championship for the title of the most physically prepared athlete. Both boys and girls will take part in it. The fight will take place in two age categories: from 16 to 17 years old and from 18 to 24 years old. All tasks for those wishing to test themselves for strength were prepared by the famous trainer and methodologist of functional training Yevgeny Bogachev. Physical activity among athletes will be distributed based on their age and training.

The Battle, with the support of Reebok and the Reebok CrossFit Krylatsky gym, is waiting for you, because everyone can support future fitness stars.

Login free.

Yard Games Festival: Sports and Music

When? December 1
Where? Business Center Factoria, Moscow

Cold is not a hindrance. What events should you attend in December?


First day of December, the Factoria business quarter is waiting for everyone to open the ice rink. On this day, viewers will be able to join the holiday - the festival Yard Games: Sports and Music. The event is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Visitors will enjoy performances by the Angel and Youjnee music groups, various lectures on healthy lifestyles and master classes related to sports. Just remember to bring your skates and try out the new ice!

View the event plan and register here.

Die Hard Running Training

When? December 1
Where? Adidas RUNBASE Luzhniki, Moscow

If you still don't want to switch from cold asphalt to a treadmill, then Adidas street workout with the unpretentious name Die Hard Runing is a great option. Next activityis already on December 1, beginning at 8:30 am. Get ready to try your hand at a trail of more than 30 km.

Paid pre-registration is required.


When? December 6
Where? Dubai Design District Block Park, Dubai, UAE
Distances: 10 km / 5 km / 2 km / 1 km / children's starts / credit for the Elite

On December 6, in the heart of Dubai, the grand final swim of the large-scale X-WATERS series. Participants will cover circular distances in the water area overlooking Downtown and the Khalifa Tower. This time the project has changed somewhat: a new Elite category has appeared and a serious prize fund has been assigned. By participating, you challenge yourself. For those who are ready to do this, we advise you to hurry: the number of free slots is limited.

And for those wishing to prepare for the start, registration for the X-Waters Volga swim, which will be held in Nizhny Novgorod on July 25-26, 2020, has opened in advance.

Learn more.

Cold is not a hindrance. What events should you attend in December?

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Cold is not a hindrance. What events should you attend in December?

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XI Winter Marathon in Terletsky Park

When ? December 8
Where? Terletsky Park, Moscow
Distances: 50 km / 42.2 km / 21.1 km / 12 km / 4 km

Cold is not a hindrance. What events should you attend in December?


Soon those who are not afraid to run in the cold, the XI Winter Marathon will start in Terletsky Park. After all, running always cheers up, especially in such weather! Each participant will be able to choose the mileage according to their strength: from insignificant 4 km to seemingly unbearable 50 km. Athletes will start on a clear winter day, run the distance in a picturesque area and receive a commemorative medal of the finisher.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

International eSports tournament EPICENTER by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

When? December 17-22
Where? Crocus Expo, Moscow

The main Russian esports tournament EPICENTER will take place in Moscow from 17 to 22 December. The group stage will be held from December 17 to 19, and the final will be held from December 21 to 22 at the Crocus Expo exhibition center. At the Counter-Strike championship, you can cheer for the NAVI team, which has already become native to the CIS, or for any other team. A strong Kazakhstani team AVANGAR will also compete for a prize fund of $ 500,000.

dimo buy a ticket.

Cold is not a hindrance. What events should you attend in December?

We are actively welcoming winter. The main sporting events of the month

It is up to you to attend the international fitness and bodybuilding championship or start the half marathon.


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