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Cola, tofu and 6 hours of running: how K-Pop stars keep their shape

Korean popular music, or simply K-Pop, has gained millions of fans around the world in just a few years and has grown into a massive industry. The competition is so fierce that a beautiful voice and a good repertoire are not enough for a successful career.

Idols must meet very specific Korean beauty standards. These include, among other things, a slender, even thin figure. In pursuit of the ideal appearance, popular performers work out for hours in gyms and follow strict diets.

Cola, tofu and 6 hours of running: how K-Pop stars keep their shape

How do Korean women lose weight? The secrets of lean Asian girls

A lifestyle you should definitely pay attention to.

Here are some of the most unusual eating habits that help K-Pop stars maintain a slim figure.

Why imitating K-Pop stars is dangerous to your health

Almost every idol has their own nutritional secrets, which they happily share with their fans. However, most of the recipes for losing weight by Korean celebrities are based on the principle of minimizing calories. And some diets look really extreme.

Cola, tofu and 6 hours of running: how K-Pop stars keep their shape

90-60-90 is no longer in vogue. What an ideal figure looks like today

We tell you how the standards of beauty have changed and what parameters modern girls are striving for.

Experts warn that blind imitation of idols and the desire to look like skinny stars K-Pop can lead to negative health effects. Severe dietary restrictions can lead to depletion of the body, provoke eating disorders, including anorexia. Teenagers should be especially careful about calorie reduction, as they are the target audience of this music industry.

Diet to exhaustion

The most popular Korean group is undoubtedly the boy band BTS. They hold leadership not only in their home country, but throughout the world. Lead singer Park Jimin admits that he easily gains weight, so he often turns to diets. The singer's diet at this time consists of fish, seafood, gingerbread, cucumbers and cabbage, and the total number of calories does not exceed a thousand per day.

The artist does not hide the fact that often due to restrictions he does not have enough energy to rehearsals and dance training. There were cases when he fell to the floor from exhaustion right during classes. However, this approach allows you to lose about 7 kilograms in a week.

Cola, tofu and 6 hours of running: how K-Pop stars keep their shape

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Nothingbesides tofu

2AM star Lee Changmin was out of trend for a long time and weighed over 100 kg. However, the desire to correspond to colleagues forced him to take care of himself seriously. The idol admitted that a strict diet and sports helped him lose weight. According to the singer, he ate no more than two packs of tofu a day and ran for six hours.

Eating once a day

One meal a day is also a common method of losing weight among Korean stars. It can hardly be called correct and effective. However, Brown Eyed Girls' Song Gain and Sistar's Soyu insist that a one-time meal plan helps them stay tiny.

Interestingly, the serving size and the products themselves are not limited in any way: you can eat anything and as much as you want.

Cola, tofu and 6 hours of running: how K-Pop stars keep their shape

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Apple, Potato & Protein Shake

One of South Korea's most popular pop divas, Ai Yu also keeps a close eye on calories. She starts with one apple every day, eats sweet potatoes for lunch, and drinks a protein shake in the evening. Fans are surprised how, with such a diet, the singer manages to find strength for dancing, filming music videos and concerts.

Rabbit food

Popular with K-Pop stars and vegetable diets. Sistar project participant Dasom lost 7 kilograms thanks to this method. The girl ate only cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and fruits. Such food gave her only 290 kcal per day. She also had brown rice and organic bread on her menu.

Coke Diet

The essence of this method is three meals a day. Moreover, the set of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner is the same - a piece of bread, two boiled eggs and a glass of diet cola. The energy value of such a menu is small - only 650 kcal. Although this diet seems odd, it has appealed to many Korean singers and fans.

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