Doctors Warn Extreme Workouts Have Dangerous Side Effects

Coach Warns: Home Fitness Can Be Dangerous

Together with an expert of the Championship, a specialist in fitness and a healthy lifestyle Andrey Semeshov we understand why fanaticism in home fitness is bad and how to avoid overload.

Fashion for home fitness, according to my observations, it is becoming a really massive phenomenon. On the one hand, there are new home workout complexes from each iron. On the other hand, it is the understanding that when, if not now, in self-isolation, it is time to turn towards sports.

A viral video is circulating on the Internet, as people, during classes at home, inadvertently or in excitement, break light bulbs with dumbbells, ripping off batteries or pulling doors off their hinges. It looks funny until the footage starts with real injuries. The same dumbbells or weights fall on the head, home-made barbells, breaking down, hit in the chest. Here, for me personally, as a person who dropped a 20 kg dumbbell 15 years ago, it is no longer fun.

Sports, more precisely, physical education is important and necessary for everyone. But we must not forget that at the same time we deliberately put our body in a vulnerable position, forcing it to work outside the usual patterns. Therefore, in no case should the basic principles be neglected. Even when it comes to seemingly harmless home workouts. Otherwise, you can break something with a fool. And if there is a switched on camera nearby, then get into the heroes of the next viral video on social networks.

Coach Warns: Home Fitness Can Be Dangerous

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Rule one. Sanity

Today, without the usual surroundings - barbells, dumbbells and exercise equipment - all professional athletes and just athletes with great experience are left. Believe me, self-isolation is especially difficult for them, because over the years of training, the body has become accustomed to systematic near-limit loads. It really becomes brittle when there is no opportunity to squat with a weight, shake the platform, and so on.

To somehow calm this itch, many begin to fantasize, invent various outlandish options. Guys do the bench press, using a friend or wife instead of a projectile. Athletic girls swing their buttocks while performing a Romanian deadlift with a sofa. Both those and others gamblingly compete in different challenges. For example, they take off or put on a T-shirt while standing on their hands and leaning their socks against the wall. A mop and canisters of water, attached to both ends, on the principle of the more the better, become rods. There are many examples. Looks great, everyone likes, comments. Sorry, some netizens are trying to copy ...

Coach Warns: Home Fitness Can Be Dangerous


What for? Usually they write in advertisements: Stunts are performed by professional helmetfools, do not try to repeat them. Videos with such training, I think, should also be compulsorily provided with appropriate captions. The girl from Instagram, fervently pulling the sofa, had for ten years strengthened the muscles necessary for this, first with dumbbells, and then with more serious shells. And she knows exactly what will hold this couch and it will not break her.

Coach Warns: Home Fitness Can Be Dangerous

Spiderman Challenge. Who will be able to wear a T-shirt while standing on their hands?

Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal have launched a new entertainment on Instagram.

Attempts by a follower, who was previously nothing heavier than carry-on luggage on a luggage belt I didn't put it at the airport, turning the bed into a weightlifting apparatus with a high degree of probability will end either with a torn off the lower back or with injuries to the toes. In mild cases, broken nails.

Therefore, the first rule is no game and no attempts to copy exotic exercises after professional athletes and fitness bloggers.

Coach Warns: Home Fitness Can Be Dangerous

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Rule two. Adequacy

If we are just starting sports at home or in the fitness center, it is very important not to burn out at the start. You do not need to fit into a plank challenge or do push-ups every day to stop a hundred times.

You need to start gradually, with simple and understandable exercises. For example, acquaintances from school physical education lessons: the same push-ups, plank, abs, squats, but without formal settings in minutes or repetitions. Work in your mode, at first - until you feel a little tired. Let it subjectively seem frivolous to you. In reality, if the previous time you did push-ups in school or in the army, then trying to immediately load the body to the full will turn out to be a bad idea.

Beautiful buttocks and powerful biceps will eventually appear in those beginners who will smoothly pull into training, without afterburner. At this distance, regularity and regularity guarantee victory.

Coach Warns: Home Fitness Can Be Dangerous


A good symptom if the next morning after training in the body there is some fatigue, discomfort, but in no case pain. No pаin, no gain (literally - no pain - no growth) is not about torn muscles, but rather about psychology, when the pros deny themselves the right to a normal life for record results. The schedule, consisting of two workouts a day, meals by the hour and obligatory sleep for nine hours, is poorly consistent with going to the movies, gathering in restaurants and going to barbecue. This is their conscious choice. Why should we paint life in two colors - training and relaxation? Our palette simply has to be much more diverse.

Rulethird. Progression

Only following the first two rules, it makes sense to move on to the next. Namely, to the gradual progression of the load. Indeed, in order for your muscles to grow and strengthen, they need to be surprised. If today you mastered the squats in three sets of 15 repetitions, then the next you can try to storm a new personal record. Options: increase reps to 20 or use additional weights so that the same 15 times are given with a little more effort.

Of course, constant linear growth is impossible. To understand: professional powerlifters are happy to gain 5-10 kg per year! However, at the initial and even intermediate levels of training, the progress will be much more impressive. Nevertheless, periodically (say, once a month and a half), you must definitely take a step back, reducing the volume, that is, the number of repetitions, or the intensity - the weight of the weights. Or both.

Coach Warns: Home Fitness Can Be Dangerous

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Coach Warns: Home Fitness Can Be Dangerous

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Rule fourth. Expediency

There is an immutable truth: what you train, you train. This is the principle of specificity. For example, if you regularly go jogging in the park, then over time you will be able to overcome considerable distances quickly and without overexertion, although at first even a kilometer jogging tore your lungs and cause blackness before your eyes. But, for example, such running records will hardly affect your ability to pull up on the horizontal bar.

Coach Warns: Home Fitness Can Be Dangerous


Accordingly, when choosing training programs for classes and even specific exercises, do not lose sight of your main goal - why are you doing this. If you want to tone your muscles, emphasize where it is necessary, and hide it where it is not necessary, then squats on an unstable support on one leg with a mop and water bottles is not the shortest and most effective way to the goal, to put it mildly. The same can be said about all kinds of push-ups on three fingers of one hand.

Separately, I note that for those who seek to lose weight, the path to a dream figure should begin with the kitchen and revision of the refrigerator. Although regular fitness training is also highly desirable.


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