Cinema vs life. How in reality Alexandra Bortich was able to lose 20 kg in a month and a half

Cinema is not real life, but a beautiful fairy tale. This can be seen on the example of the Russian actress Alexandra Bortich, who played the role of Anna in the film I'm losing weight. As the name suggests, the tape tells the story of how the plump main character is trying to lose weight. On the screen, everything looks emotional and funny, but in fact she had to observe strict discipline and train for several hours a day. Here's how Bortich actually lost weight.

Cinema vs life. How in reality Alexandra Bortich was able to lose 20 kg in a month and a half

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The tendency to be overweight

This is now Bortich - a fragile girl who weighs about 55 kilograms, and in childhood she was a rather large child, prone to overweight. She lost weight in adolescence, stopped eating because of unrequited love, and has been trying to keep herself in line ever since. And now, if I start to eat when and what I want, extra pounds immediately appear, - said the actress in an interview with Grazia magazine.
Therefore, gaining 20 kilograms for filming a new film was quite simple for her, but only physically.

Bortich said that before filming she went on a trip to different countries, where she could have a varied and tasty meal. For a month and a half, she ate a lot and often and quickly gained the necessary 20 kg. However, unrestrained gluttony did not bring joy: It was fun only the first week. To get that much, you have to eat all the time. In the morning I had a hearty breakfast, went for a walk, in half an hour everything had calmed down - and I had to eat again. It is very difficult, sometimes it seemed to me that if I just smell the smell of food, and immediately turn me inside out, - she said in the program Evening Urgant.

Weight Loss

Problems related to weight gain (a new, not too attractive figure, fat folds, shortness of breath, etc.) is one test, and losing weight back in just a month and a half is a completely new challenge, which turned out to be much more difficult for Alexandra. Her contract stipulated a huge fine if she could not lose weight on time.

In addition, the director of the film believed that it would be more convincing if the actress, along with her character, went through the entire process of losing weight. However, what was shown in the film was far from reality.

Cinema vs life. How in reality Alexandra Bortich was able to lose 20 kg in a month and a half

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Cinema vs life

The film focuses on the experiences of the main character,the types that she encounters on her way, and the detailed process of losing weight is for the most part left behind the scenes. The viewer sees how Anna hardly observes the regime, runs in the mornings, swims in the pool, clumsily tries to work out on simulators in the gym, breaks down and arranges nightly fever. In general, everything looks quite simple and innocent, and most importantly, as a result, the weight goes away, as it were, by itself, there are no grueling workouts in the frame.
In fact, Bortich had to make a lot of effort to lose weight quickly.

Alexandra, unlike her heroine, did not arrange lazy jogging in the park, but started strength high-interval training - twice a day, six days in Week. Interspersed cardio, jogging, swimming and dancing. In general, I had to sweat a lot.

Cinema vs life. How in reality Alexandra Bortich was able to lose 20 kg in a month and a half

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Instead of the night trips to the refrigerator shown in the film - a sharp drop in daily calorie intake to 1200. No fast food, soda, flour, fried or smoked, only low-calorie food in small portions - vegetables, lean meat and fish, dairy products, cereals and eggs. She drank a lot of water to speed up her metabolism and did not eat three hours before bed. At first, Bortich had to limit herself to 1200 kcal per day, then she increased this figure to 1500 kcal.

It is noteworthy that the process of losing weight lasted much longer than filming - Bortich continues to follow fairly strict dietary rules and play sports, but for himself.

And the film was released not at all about losing weight, but about the fact that you need to appreciate yourself in any guise, and lose weight only if you want it yourself.

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