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Cindy Crawford's youth secrets: how to look stunning when you're over 50

It's hard to believe that the ageless beauty Cindy Crawford recently turned 54 years old. The former supermodel still radiates vital energy, pleases fans with an incredible figure and is happy to share the secrets of eternal youth.

It was not easy for me to accept aging, the very thought that I would soon turn 50 was scary. For a long time I was A 20-year-old model on the cover of Vogue, and then suddenly my daughter turns 20. But I don't want to live in my sixties trying to get back my 30-year-old self, although I would like the skin and waist to remain the same as before, - she said Crawford a few years ago.

Cindy Crawford's youth secrets: how to look stunning when you're over 50

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The actress eats a bar of chocolate a day, and at the same time boasts healthy skin and a thin waist.

Cindy's beauty secrets are quite simple and she proves by her example that exercising, proper nutrition and relaxation can work wonders. By the way, the model continues to be actively removed even now - she can often be seen on the covers of fashion magazines. She looks stunning even in a swimsuit. Here's how she does it.

Regular sports

Crawford has never been a fan of gyms, and even the famous video lessons her personal instructor designed specifically to make the girl more interesting to exercise. I like yoga and running, but old-school techniques work better for me, for example, the ones that coach Radu developed for me, and which we showed in my video tutorials. Now I have a new coach with whom I train at home three times a week. He makes me do push-ups, squats, and weights.

Cindy Crawford's youth secrets: how to look stunning when you're over 50

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First, it's beautiful.

In order not to get bored, the model tries to bring variety to the classes. For example, she puts headphones in her ears, turns on the music and runs up and down the stairs for half an hour that goes from her house to the beach. Or he jumps on a mini-springboard in his yard, and on weekends often goes hiking with her friends.

Balanced diet

Crawford cannot imagine life without green tea. According to her, it has a positive effect on well-being, and in the morning the body literally begs for a cup of your favorite drink. And, of course, Cindy can't do without a full breakfast.

She definitely includes in the diet green salads and tries to eat meat separately from rice, pasta or white bread, but sometimes he can afford toaru cocktails or chocolate. Crawford's motto is: be correct 80% of the time. This means that the model is not going to deny herself small pleasures, she just strictly observes the measure.

Cindy Crawford's youth secrets: how to look stunning when you're over 50

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The best way to relax after an active day, Cindy considers meditation and sauna. Recently I learned that family meditation courses can be held at home. I don't do this every day, but it was very interesting to know how it positively influences mood from a scientific point of view. For me, this is a new way to relax when you need it. But my favorite relaxation ritual is the sauna. Sit there for half an hour with a good book and come out updated.

Skin care and makeup

Cindy lives in sunny California and constantly wears sunscreen. The model calls it an obligatory ritual, and on the beach she puts on a hat or sits under an umbrella. Crawford spends about ten minutes on makeup. Cindy prefers not to overload her face with unnecessary makeup, instead pays more attention to skin care.

She sincerely believes that it is never too late to start taking care of the skin. During the day it is necessary to protect it, in the evening - to restore it. It's like training: you work out once, and you don't see the difference, but if you practice constantly for many years, the result will be, - says Cindy. She uses her own skin care line. In addition, Crawford follows simple beauty rules: he sleeps well, drinks a lot of water and does not smoke.

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