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Chinese women in 50s look like they are attracted to young men. How do they do it?

The trick of life is to die young, but as late as possible. For thousands of years, Chinese women have followed this ancient wisdom and carefully carried through generations the secrets of refined timeless beauty. To this day, many Chinese women look much younger than their age, which arouses keen interest and even outright envy among Western peers.

In fact, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire do not have the elixir of eternal youth. Perfect skin, fresh complexion, lack of excess weight and wrinkles - all this is achieved thanks to the traditional Chinese lifestyle, in which the art of personal care is harmoniously combined with the principles of ancient Chinese philosophy.
So what are the main secrets of Chinese women that allow them to attract the enthusiastic looks of young men even at 50?

Cult of white skin

If in Europe pallor was perceived as a sign of poor health , then in China white skin has long been considered the privilege of rich and high-ranking persons. The desire of girls to achieve perfect whiteness at any cost led to the emergence of the Meibai cult, the motto of which can be translated as: one whiteness covers three deformities.

The main enemy of white skin is the sun. To protect against it, Chinese girls traditionally use umbrellas, gloves, wide hats, and in clear weather they try to stay in the shade.

No chocolate or coffee

Diet has a big effect on skin color. In China, products of light colors are considered favorable for white skin: milk, white fish, egg noodles, poultry and pork, but beef, chocolate, coffee and other dark foods should be excluded from the menu.

For a cosmetic effect. Chinese women resort to the help of masks, compresses and decoctions of rice, medicinal Chinese plants and even pearl powder.

With the development of cosmetology, first in the Asian and then on the world market, special meibai products appeared that are in great demand , however, many Chinese women are convinced that if they abandon traditional methods, the effect of their use will be short-term.

Chinese women in 50s look like they are attracted to young men. How do they do it?

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Tea is the head of everything

Often skin problems are only an indicator of improper bowel function and increased toxicity tions of the body. Therefore, one of the secrets of the perfect skin of Chinese women is their traditional love for green and herbal tea, which is famous for its ability to remove toxins and toxins. Other drinks allowed are water, natural lemonades and milkshakes. No added sugar, of course.

The detox that has gained popularity all over the world, by the way, has also been in service with Chinese beauties for thousands of years. Turmeric has been recognized as traditional ingredients for cleansing the body. almonds, ginseng, licorice, as well as green fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Less fire

Another feature of Chinese women, thanks to which they retain their visual appeal even at an advanced age, is slim and a toned body. Contrary to popular belief, the problem of obesity has bypassed China not only because of food shortages, but primarily because of balanced and proper nutrition, again dictated by philosophy.

The Chinese are sure that overweight, Like many other unpleasant symptoms, it indicates an imbalance of yin and yang energy, which leads to the emergence of a fire in the body.This fire is extinguished using the methods of traditional Chinese medicine, but it is better to secure yourself with preventive measures. in order for yin and yang to coexist within you in harmony, it is necessary to eat cucumbers, algae, root vegetables, green beans, tofu cheese, bamboo shoots and, of course, a variety of herbal teas.

They are capable of causing fire in the body. spicy and fried foods, as well as alcohol. Cold drinks and ice cream are prohibited. This approach to nutrition helps to keep in check not only yin and yang energy, but also body weight.

Chinese women in 50s look like they are attracted to young men. How do they do it?

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Sugar is taboo

Sugar is considered dangerous by nutritionists. When abused, sweet death not only harms health, but also harms external beauty and attractiveness. In China, pure sugar has never been used to achieve the sweetness of dishes with fruits or honey. Even today, Chinese desserts are made without added sugar, which significantly reduces calories and helps them to be absorbed more easily in the body.

Anti-wrinkle medicine

Ladies from China do not suffer from the problem of wrinkles, which torments their Western counterparts in the fight against aging. Nothing gives out real numbers in a passport like treacherous wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead. While in Europe and America women are masked with Botox and collagen, Chinese women simply follow the precepts of their wise ancestors.

The main secret of even and smooth skin is complete calmness. Since ancient times, Chinese girls have been taught to control emotions and in no case show on their faces what is happening inside. Composure and lack of facial expressions protect modern beauties from the Middle Kingdom better than any Botox.

Chinese women in 50s look like they are attracted to young men. How do they do it?

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Color matters

Chinese women also use life hacks, which, at first glance, are not directly related to health. For example, in the most populous country in the world, you rarely find a woman in dark clothes. Such outfits cast a shadow on the face, which deprives it of whiteness and emphasizes the slightest irregularities in the skin. Therefore, to create a youthful look, Chinese women are advised to wear pastel clothes.

Early gets up

Compliance with the daily routine, according to experts, also helps to prolong youth. In this regard, the Chinese are quite disciplined and throughout their lives follow the rules instilled in childhood: get up early, find time for an afternoon nap, eat on a schedule, eating most of the daily allowance for lunch. All this helps the body to recuperate at night and to generate generous energy during the day. Accordingly, a person gets rid of stress, and the aging process slows down.

Chinese women in 50s look like they are attracted to young men. How do they do it?

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Chinese women in 50s look like they are attracted to young men. How do they do it?

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