Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Chinese massage technique: 6 points on the body that help you lose weight

Absolutely unfairly not so popular in Russia, acupressure is one of the techniques of Chinese medicine. This is a kind of alternative to acupuncture, but much easier and safer. Especially with self-medication. The Chinese claim that there are several points on the body, massaging which, you can achieve results in weight loss faster and easier. We figure out if this is so.

How does the acupressure technique work?

The acupressure technique promotes deep relaxation of the body or, on the contrary, makes the necessary organs work. By influencing the key points, you can achieve a state of meditation and even feel a pleasant tingling sensation throughout the body.

Chinese massage technique: 6 points on the body that help you lose weight

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To find points, experts use proportional segments called tsun. Their size is individual, it is determined by the distance between the ends of the folds of the extremely bent middle finger in a man on the left hand, in a woman on the right. Parts of the body are conventionally divided into a certain number of tsuni, and usually the point is located on the border of these segments and often coincides with the groove felt by the finger. The impact may be mild or harsher, but in no case should it damage the skin.

Chinese massage technique: 6 points on the body that help you lose weight


What points do you need to press to lose weight?

In the palm of your hand

It is believed to massage the area just below the thumb within three minutes stimulates the thyroid gland and speeds up the metabolism. Sharp blood sugar spikes have been shown to cause hunger and sugar cravings. To avoid such sensations, slowly lower yourself with the same massage movements to your wrist. This will activate the pancreas and help maintain a stable blood sugar level.

On the jaw

Place your index fingers at the corners of your jaw, approximately under your ears, open and close your mouth. At what point is the greatest tension and active movement felt? Massage this place. Three minutes will be enough here too. This should suppress appetite and speed up metabolism.

Above the lip

Another point is between the upper lip and the nose. Self-massage in this area is believed to help relieve stress. This is especially true for those who are constantly stuck with problems.

Chinese massage technique: 6 points on the body that help you lose weight


On the ear

The area on the tragus (the process that covers the ear canal) is also in a sense magical. Massaging it for a few minutes a couple of times a day will not only speed up your metabolism, but also reduce the urge to snack. In addition, in the third minute of such exposure, you can feel a rush of energy.

Chinese massage technique: 6 points on the body that help you lose weight

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Under the knee

Surprisingly, there are several points for weight loss located on the legs. One of these is in the groove just below the kneecap. It is also called the point of longevity. At this point, it is advised to massage in a circular motion for two minutes. Someone even measured that the impact on this point helps to lose up to 500 g per day.

On the ankle

If you feel the protruding bone on the inside ankle and rise up 5 cm, you can find another magic point. Massaging it, in addition to slimming goals, is very useful for numbness of the limbs and discomfort in the heart.

Remember that massage should not be painful. We strongly recommend that you consult with a specialist beforehand.

Acupuncture For Weight Loss How Does Acupuncture Work

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