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Children of famous athletes who followed in the footsteps of their parents

Probably, everyone at least once faced with the throes of choice: what is my vocation? From childhood, these children had a star example before their eyes. Their parents have already won big titles in the sports field. It's no wonder that, looking at the high results of the older generation, these guys from our selection wanted to continue the family business.

Enzo, Luca, Theo and Elias Zidane

It's hard to surpass the results of his father when his more than once recognized as the best football player in the world, the most expensive player until 2009 and, moreover, the legendary coach of Real Madrid. But all the sons of Zinedine Zidane are trying their best, because each of them chose football as their business.

24-year-old Enzo Zidane, better known as Fernandez, is a midfielder for the Portuguese club Aves. By the way, Enzo took his mother's surname because of the increased attention and reproaches when his father attached him to the Real Academy.

The triumph of 20-year-old Luca Zidane took place in March this year, when his father released him for the second time in the goal of Real Madrid instead of the injured Courtois, although in rank he was below Navas, Lunin and Casilla. It cannot be said that the son of Zizu met the expectations of the fans. The first goal from Huesca was conceded in the 3rd minute, the second - in the 74th. Now the young man acts on loan for Racing Santander, but, in general, he is not promised a stellar future. At least because of the height too short for the goalkeeper - 183 cm.

But the younger ones Zidane's sons - 17-year-old Theo and 13-year-old Elias - are performing well in the youth teams of France and the Real Madrid academy. Many consider Theo the most talented and promising player in the family, and Elias' beautiful goal in the match against Barcelona U-12 has already hit YouTube.

Mick Schumacher

The son of the legendary racer has already participated in karting competitions at the age of 9. The story with the change of surname happened to Mick at the beginning of his sports career. Michael, in order to avoid unnecessary attention, insisted that his son speak with his mother's surname - Bech. His formula career began in 2014 as a test driver for the German team Jenzer Motorsport. A year later, Mick still began to compete under the name Schumacher, and in his first Formula 4 race in Oschersleben he was recognized as the best newcomer. The second race for him ended with a hand injury, and the third - in a leading position. At the moment, Mick Schumacher is the champion of the European Formula 3 in 2018 and shows excellent results. Michael can definitely be proud of him!

Children of famous athletes who followed in the footsteps of their parents

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Children of famous athletes who followed in the footsteps of their parents

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

In the summer of 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus, after which his eldest son began training at the Academy of Turin club in the U-9 team. The young footballer was able to surprise everyone almost immediately: while his father squeezed out all his strength to score the first goal for Juventus, Cristiano Jr. scored 4 goals in his debut game with Lucento. And in April of this year, the kid surpassed himself, scoring 7 goals in the match with Maritimu China.

Interestingly, they started talking about the career of a professional football player when the boy was only 5 years old. He was sent to the Pozuelo Academy, leaving Real Madrid, for which Cristiano Sr. played. But Ronaldo's decision was fair and justified: he wanted to save his son from media attention and prejudice.

Sharif O'Neill

The eldest son of the legendary American basketball player was able to restore training for the team just six months ago University of California, Los Angeles. Even before the start of the season, the attention of the NBA scouts was riveted on the striker, however, doctors discovered that the young man had heart problems, which caused him to undergo surgery and skip the season.

As a child, Sharif did not prefer basketball at all and liked to ride a skateboard. Sympathy for this sport woke up at the age of 13. Over the years, he managed to show himself in tournaments among school teams, learn to feel the game well and master dribbling skillfully.

Christian and Daniel Maldini

The beginning of the whole football dynasty was laid by Cesare Maldini, who played on defensive positions in Milan and the Italian national team in the 1960s. His son Paolo surpassed all possible expectations of his father and became one of the best defenders of world football. He also played for the national team of his country and was the captain of the Milan team.

Eldest son Paolo Christian also started his journey in Milan. Unfortunately, the guy has not yet surprised the world with his game, although he is already 23 years old. The young footballer has spent his last seasons in the lower leagues and is now building his career at the Italian club Fondi as a defender like his father and grandfather.

But Daniel Maldini, unlike the entire male half of the family, is a forward. And he shows great promise. The youngest son Paolo made his debut for the senior Milan team and even managed to play in matches with Bayern and Benfica before the start of the season.

LeBron James Jr.

Bronnie James holdt holding a basketball ball from the 4th grade. His father, the best player in the NBA, as a child, forbade the boy to play American football and hockey, taking care of his safety. Therefore, Bronnie decided to follow in the footsteps of the older generation.

James Jr. is now 14 years old. and he already trains almost all day long.

By the way, his son plays for the Sierra Canyon school team with his son Dwayne Wade.

Diana Davis

Daughter Eteri Tutberidze, one of the best figure skating coaches in the world and a former single skater, also decided to step on the ice. Diana began training at the age of 6 under the guidance of her mother, but with age she began to have coordination problems due to hearing loss, and competition in Eteri's group is anywhere. At the insistence of her mother and other coaches, Diana went to ice dancing for safety reasons, because there is no need to jump there.

Currently, Davis is paired with Gleb Smolkin, and together they show excellent results. At the junior grand prix stage that took place on September 12, the couple took an intermediate second place in the rhythm dance.

Children of famous athletes who followed in the footsteps of their parents

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Children of famous athletes who followed in the footsteps of their parents

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