Children in sports. The strongest and toughest kids in the world

Daily training, qualifying stages, high competition and the long-awaited championship are what we are used to seeing in adult sports. Many athletes go to high titles and results all their adult lives.

Along with this there is a phenomenon - children-athletes. At a young age, they already do things that are sometimes beyond the power of adults. How do they do it? We are talking about seven young champions, whose results will amaze even their older colleagues.

Alexandra Trusova, 15

Although the figure skater has not yet had time to show herself in adult international competitions, she has already become famous in your sport. Fragile in appearance, she was the first in the world to cleanly complete two quadruple jumps and a cascade with a quadruple jump in competition. It was a junior start, then Sasha was only 13 years old.

Now Trusova is on the verge of adult competitions in the 2019/20 season. And in her arsenal there is a trump card: two quadruple lutz and quadruple toe loop in one program. Not all adult men have such a jump set, let alone women's standards. Undoubtedly, this girl will revolutionize the world of figure skating.

Children in sports. The strongest and toughest kids in the world

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Children in sports. The strongest and toughest kids in the world

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Conner MacLane, 14

The US rising star started gymnastics at the age of three. Moreover, her mother is sure that her daughter's interest in this sport appeared earlier - at a year and a half. Then she tried to maintain balance without assistance. According to the athlete herself, her sister inspired her to gymnastics - Conner looked at her and tried to repeat the movements.

The gymnast is currently training under the guidance of Susan Brown, showing excellent results in competitions.

Evnika Saadvakass, 13

A girl from the Kazakh city of Pavlodar will break the stereotype that boxing is a business not feminine. Evnika has been studying since the age of five with her father, a former boxer Rustam Saadvakass. He has developed a special training program, the feature of which is to exclude sparring.

Though a girl and does not enter into fights, you cannot surpass her in striking for a while. Her last result was 358 beats on a pear in half a minute. In addition to speed, Evnika also develops strength: by boxing, she can smash a tree trunk into chips.

Children in sports. The strongest and toughest kids in the world

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Children in sports. The strongest and toughest kids in the world

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B-Girl Terra, 12 years old

Terra came to break dance when she was only 2.5 years, and knew how to do a headstand a year before. The baby was inspired to play sports by her older sister, B-Girl Eddie. Terra gained widespread acclaim after her legendary performance at the Chelles Battle Pro Junior Quarterfinals in 2013, when she was six years old.

She is now a member of the London break-dance group Soul Mavericks. However, she herself assures that she is subject not only to break dance, but also to other styles. Believe it or not, Terra devotes to training every day.

Maxwell Bunchy Young, 12

Bunchy started playing sports at the age of four and got his first serious sports experience in athletics. Now a schoolboy from California is truly committed to American football and clearly understands that great success can only be achieved through constant training and perseverance. This attitude allowed Young, at the age of 12, to have a full sports scholarship at the University of Illinois and an offer to be admitted to one of the teams of the top division of college football in the USA - the PAC-12 conference.

In addition, Bunchy has already hit the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine as Sports Child of the Year 2017 and appeared in an advertisement for Under Armor sportswear. In the future, the guy plans to play in the NFL, participate in the Olympic Games and even become mayor.

Jalia Manuel, 10 years old

At 10 years old, Jalia has an extremely ambitious goal - to become the first in history a female NBA player. It sounds at least surprising, but in fact any adult athlete will envy the girl's energy and zeal.

The basketball player learned to perform many complex elements, looking at Stephen Curry, one of the best dribblers in the world. Now Jaliya has developed her own system of exercises, which coaches borrow from her for training adult athletes.

Baby James, 9

At the age of three, the little golfer hit the US television screens. ABC TV filmed a story about James and asked viewers a rhetorical question: is this the new Tiger Woods? By the age of seven, the boy had won the U.S. 16 times. Kids Golf Tour.

At nine, James spends at least 4 days a week on the field with his mother, his only coach. But do not think that it is she who insists on constant training. On the contrary, Baby James himself reaches for golf andshow impressive results.


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