How to Handle Kids At Home During Quarantine

Children at home: what to do with the child during quarantine

Now kindergartens are temporarily closed, and schoolchildren have gone on vacation. Children are forced to stay at home in quarantine, and their parents are to entertain them. How to interest a child within four walls so that he does not sit on the phone or on the couch for half a day watching cartoons? If you wondered this question, we will be happy to help you find a way out. We will tell you what activities you can do at home with your child.

Games and creativity

Active games are important for both physical and mental development of the child. You don't have to go far to come up with options for mobile home entertainment. This is hide and seek, known to everyone from childhood, dances or, for example, home theater. Such activities are also useful for parents. Because, firstly, they allow you to move a little, and secondly, to have fun, relax and feel like children. Try to play tightrope walkers with your child, who need to go around the apartment and never step away from the line. At the same time, check how your ability to maintain balance is doing.

Creativity can also be presented in a game format. If your child is bored with drawing or coloring books, invite them to draw with their feet. You can do this and not get dirty with whatman paper, bubble wrap and scotch tape.

Children at home: what to do with the child during quarantine

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Children at home: what to do with the child during quarantine

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In isolation at home, you will have time to teach your child how to cook. It's better to start small: let him first help you, and then he himself wants to cook a simple dish. Can you imagine what will happen after the quarantine? You come home, and on the table is dinner from your beloved children. It's certainly not Michelin-starred, but nice.

Training together

If you are (as we hope) of the group of parents who cannot live without sports, then do training with children. You can do traditional exercises in sync or add light gymnastic techniques to them. And, perhaps, after the quarantine, you will be able to compete with this tandem.


Don't forget about it during the holidays. In addition, online educational platforms have opened access to their lectures and podcasts. They tell about the history of great scientific discoveries,laws of physics, literature and, in general, about everything in the world.

Also now you can find a selection of free books, cartoons and audio performances that will be of interest to your children. And for the older generation of schoolchildren and adults, the country's leading universities have published recordings of lectures in different directions and for every taste. These materials will also be useful for parents.

Children at home: what to do with the child during quarantine

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Children at home: what to do with the child during quarantine

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Online travel

You can even travel from home thanks to virtual maps and YouTube channels. Introduce your child to the world around you and the incredible landscapes of the planet. Walk with him along the diagonal alley or swim with the dolphins. All excursions are available on the Internet, and you can join them for free.

Dance on TikTok and more

More modern and creative parents can start a TikTok channel and create funny or useful video with children. For example, capture on camera what they do during quarantine and what home games they come up with. Or dance!

By the way, you can dance just like that, without filming it on camera. There are many training videos on the web. They will help you master different styles, from fiery hip-hop to lyrical directions. Such activity will completely replace ordinary training and, perhaps, will be even more interesting for children.

The main thing is not to bring your child to such a state, because you can always find something to do.

Children at home: what to do with the child during quarantine

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