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Charity challenge: 24 hours on roller skis in Moscow

The Rusfond Charitable Society, together with the coaches of the Outdoor programs of the World Class fitness club chain Alexey Khukhorev and Vsevolod Bubnov, are organizing a fundraiser for five-year-old Zhenya Cherednikov. Alexey and Vsevolod are preparing for a serious test: they plan to make a 24-hour roller ski run in Moscow. Despite the fact that both World Class Outdoor coaches are candidates for master of sports in cross-country skiing and are multiple participants in ski and cross-country marathons, including the ultra category, they agree that this action is a real challenge.

Charity challenge: 24 hours on roller skis in Moscow

Photo: World Class

The idea of ​​our marathon is simple, - says Alexey Khukhorev, head of World Class Outdoor programs, - this is to test the capabilities of the body, get out of the comfort zone and test yourself for strength, and, of course, collect as much money as possible to help not only Zhenya, but also other small wards of Rusfond who need expensive treatment.

Outdoor programs are very popular now, and the organizers of the challenge decided to attract the attention of fans of active lifestyles and outdoor training to charity. All roller ski lovers can join Alexey and Vsevolod at any stage and support the children, as well as learn from them about the variety of World Class Outdoor programs and the opportunities of team coaches who can prepare for any running, swimming and triathlon competitions, for ski marathons and bicycle races.

If you do not know how to ride or are far from Moscow, you can still support the challenge by donating any amount in favor of seriously ill children who need help. The transfer can be made using the details of the Rusfond or use the electronic payment system on the website of the charitable society. You can make a donation even when you are abroad.

Important : in the purpose of the payment it is necessary to indicate the name and surname of the child or the Rusfond program. Marathon. The story of Zhenya Cherednikov.

Start of the marathon : September 17 at 8:00.

Finish : September 18 at 8:00.

Location : the event will be held on the Rowing Canal in Krylatskoye.

More information about the marathon.

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