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Charge of motivation: 11 books about healthy lifestyle and professional sports

In our digest, we have collected candid autobiographical stories of outstanding athletes, books about training and preparation for competitions, as well as culinary novelties with simple recipes for tasty and healthy food.

Autobiographies of athletes

Unstoppable: my life
Posted by Maria Sharapova
Five-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova tells how from a four-year-old girl with a racket in her hands she became strong and -really an irrepressible tennis player. The life philosophy of Sharapova, constant movement forward, growing up, family, ups and downs, a path in a dream - an outstanding athlete frankly writes about all this.

Moving Up: Glory Seconds
Author: Sergey Belov
The story of the legendary basketball final of the USSR - USA at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, based on the memoirs of the great basketball player Sergei Belov. Here you can immerse yourself in the psychology and philosophy of one of the creators of victory, as well as find stories about friendship and betrayal, about meetings and partings - in a word, about life.

Running awake. Ultramarathon runner revelations
Dean Karnazes
In this autobiographical book, outstanding ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes not only shares his childhood stories and discourses on life values, but, of course, describes the various stages of the races that changed his mind ... Sometimes I had to run for several days without a break! Moreover, the athlete provides practical advice, nutrition and training.

Give all of yourself. My Autobiography
Posted by Didier Drogba
The famous footballer Didier Drogba is honest and straightforward in his autobiography. He writes about his childhood in the poor quarters of Côte d'Ivoire, and about the beginning of his career, and about friendships on the field and beyond, and about fame, and about the moments when everything did not go as he would like. The footballer reveals his feelings to us, frankly writes about bitter tears and happiness.

Football gave me a lot, but now I understand that he has defined a higher purpose for me. This gave me the opportunity to help others thanks to the level that I have reached, writes Drogba.

Practical recommendations

Spite the records: the experience of studying mass sports
Andrey Adelfinsky
In 2004, the author conceived a popular guide to triathlon for fans of running, swimming, cycling and cross-country skiing - as part of a campaign to promote this kind of sport, then little-known to the Russian public. The campaign was eventually crowned with success - the triathlon is popular today as a nicknamewhen. The handbook turned into this book: a scientific study about the phenomenon of sports.

The reader will learn how athletes devour athletes, and businessmen devour teachers, when fitness invented, why 80-year-old athletes run marathons and why triathlon does not move forward only culture, but also the economy ...

Full immersion: how swim better, faster and easier
Posted by Terry Laughlin, John Delves
What does endurance depend on? How can you improve your swimming technique? It is believed that the technique of Terry Laughlin, the author of this book, allows you to feel confident in the water and even swim for hours without fizzling out. According to the author, success is based on the correct technique, which can be learned using the exercises presented in the book.

Anatomy of Strength Exercise Using Your Own Weight
Posted by Bret Contreras
Benefit from 156 is hidden behind the cover with a long and difficult title exercises for a variety of muscle groups, including the muscles of the arms, shoulder girdle, chest, back, abdomen, hips, buttocks, and lower legs. At the same time, for efficiency, the weight of one's own body is used as an additional load. The book is supplied with many anatomical images that clearly show which muscles are involved in a particular exercise.

Yoga. Antistress
Authors: Robert Butera, Erin Byron, Staffan Elgelid
The question of inner harmony is becoming more and more relevant, especially when we are experiencing daily psychological stress. Yoga is known to help you relax and restore inner balance. In this book, you will find tips from yoga experts, special breathing exercises and asanas aimed at improving sleep and general well-being.

Triathlete's Bible. A Comprehensive Guide
Posted by Joe Friel
The author of the book has tried to include in this edition everything that will help a triathlete prepare for such competitions as sprint triathlon, Olympic distance and of course , Ironman. All the information you need is set out in the pages of this book: training principles and techniques, nutrition, stamina building, stretching and recovery, injury prevention, and the right equipment.

Healthy food

How to green
Author: Alexandra Novikova
If food is not only tasty, but also healthy, that is success. In the culinary book of Alexandra Novikova, you can find many recipes for every taste and for all occasions. It turns out that you can not limit yourself to sweets. If dessert is preparedIf it is correct, then the figure will not suffer. A nice bonus - before each recipe it is indicated how long it will take to prepare the dish.

Scandinavian cuisine
Author: Bronte Aurel
The book contains simple recipes saturated with the flavor of the Scandinavian countries. The author of the book was born in Denmark, so she has known the secrets of tasty and healthy food since childhood. The book shows how familiar ingredients can form uncomplicated, yet unusual-tasting combinations. The pages contain breakfast, lunch, dinner and holiday recipes.

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