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Championship for Dummies: World Cup 2018 in a nutshell

If you have slept in a cryo chamber for the last 10 years, let me remind you: the World Cup starts on June 14 in Russia. I am sure many of your friends have already made good money on this event, renting out their shabby apartments near the metro for big money. Well, you just have to cry, read this column and understand this whole world championship.

Everything you need to know

So, the FIFA World Cup is 11 cities where the matches will be held , 32 teams, 8 groups. The competition itself consists of two stages: group and playoffs. Two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs. The winner will receive the FIFA World Cup.

Does Russia have a chance?

The Russian national team has already set a record this year by not winning any of the eight friendly matches before the World Cup. This has never happened in the history of football. We are already among the record holders, so we have nothing to strive for. But still we continue to shout Russia, go ahead! and along the way we figure out who else you can cheer for at this championship. For convenience, let's place hashtags.


Commands, whose fans expect to stay in Russia until the final, and any defeat will be perceived as a national tragedy.

  • Germany. BMW, Mercedes and Audi in one bottle: fast, reliable, never stops. Four-time and current world champion. Winner of the Confederations Cup, which took place in Russia last year. A favorite of the bookmakers. And mine!
  • Brazil. These guys really wanted to win the last championship, which was held in their country, but it didn't work out. Since then, they have only become stronger. And yes, in their composition, 222 million euros will enter the field, and this is just one Neymar. By the way, they also play a lot of cool millions of euros in defense and midfield.
  • Argentina. Four years ago, she stopped one step away from victory and is determined to take revenge. Lionel Messi also plays for her. Just think about these words: LIONEL MESSI!
  • Spain. First, it's beautiful. Secondly, even some five years ago there was no stronger team. Thirdly, there is a possibility that in the 1/8 finals the rivals of the red fury will be the footballers of the Russian national team. And if the Spaniards pass them, then they will have every chance.


It's more difficult here, because football is too unpredictable game. Although these teams can also really claim the championship.

  • Portugal. Two years ago no one expected anything from them, but they took and won the European Championship. Plus Cristiano Ronaldo plays for this team. Just think about these words: CHRISTIAN RONALD.
  • France. By the way, it was their Portuguese who stooped in the final of the European Championship. The French squad is very powerful and they may well reach the final.
  • Belgium. Why, in fact, not Belgium?


Most likely they will not be able to get far, but watching their game or their fans is a pleasure.

  • England. It's simple. Football is England, England is football. In theory, they should show something interesting.
  • Iceland. This team made all the fans fall in love with it at the last European Championship. So get ready to clap your hands and scream in awe!

Very soon we will figure out the popular football terms together with the resident of the Comedy Club Andrey Averin . Stay tuned for the continuation of our column # ChampionshipFor Teapots . Every week there will be something new: simple and humorous at the Championship.

The Best of the Quarter-Finals!

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