Is the Champions' Curse real?

Championship for dummies: who will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

The World Championship has entered its final stage. 8 games left. 8 most important games. It's already a little sad, because 24 teams flew home, their fans flew away, Messi flew away, Ronaldo flew away, Germany flew away, Germany might not have arrived. Saransk has become Saransk again, Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg, and on Nikolskaya Street they are slowly calculating how much new lamp posts and benches will cost.

But the most important question remained unresolved. Who will be the new world football champion? Let's try to fantasize and sort out this issue together with the actor of the Improvisation show on TNT Dmitry Pozov .


Who would have thought that we would still be to talk about the chances of the Russian national team? Usually by this stage our players are sunbathing on the beach. But not at this time. We must try and win. Because in Russia there is no monument to the mustache, because there is no Hero of Russia with the surname Dzyuba. And I also want the Russian team to win, because then Mario Fernandez will become the world champion. To be born a Brazilian and become a world champion in the Russian national team. Hocus pocus. Neymar on this occasion will grab his head, fall to the ground and roll to Rio.


To become world champion, they need to knock us out. It will be sad. But we owe them for Euro 2008: a rare case in history when we didn't want to play there and did everything for this, and the Croats gave us a ticket. Out of despair, we then took bronze. Mandzhukic, Modric, Rakitic can become champions only in Russia. Palych became. And they can. Not even champions, but champions.


But Sweden is unlikely. Judging by the logic of the previous paragraph, they would need Ibrahimovic to win in Russia. But he is not. It turned out, however, that without him it's even better. The Swedes, directly or indirectly, deprived the Netherlands, Italy and Germany of the chances for the title. And even the Albanian national team disguised as Switzerland could not do anything with the Swedes. So anything can happen.


England comes to win every tournament and gets kicked out every time. But the World Cup in Russia is special. Even the British were able to win on penalties. England was so worried that in Russia they would be beaten, poisoned or offended that at any moment it could decide that it was time to go home. In our section of the grid, England is the only national team to have won the world championship. And I want a new champion. No offense, British. Nothing personal. Just don't quarrel with me at the highest level.


The African national football team with French passports has a good chance. She was booed in the match against Denmark by her own fans, so they are not afraid of anything.


If Uruguay winsah, then we can say that even if we lost 0: 3, but to the world champions. As long as Suarez hasn't bitten anyone or got suspended, chances are there.


It'll be cool if Belgium makes it to the final. The only team in its part of the grid that has never won the championship. We want our championship to go down in history? The final Belgium-Croatia, Belgium-Sweden and especially Belgium-Russia will definitely make the tournament legendary. Everyone will know that if someone wins for a long time in some sport and gets bored, then all you need to do is hold a competition in Russia.


While the Brazilians are defeating Serbia, Costa Rica and Mexico, their eternal rivals Italians and Dutch do not come, Germans, Argentines and Spaniards are leaving, and the French or Uruguayans will soon follow them. Most likely, the Brazilian rival will forget to enter the field in the semifinals, and will score an own goal in the final. There are Brazil and 7 other teams. The odds are 1: 7. Just do not show these numbers to the Brazilians.

There are 7 interesting matches and a match for 3rd place, in which the crying losers of the semi-finals will find out which of them is more unlucky. If you lived in a cellar for three weeks and did not follow the news of the World Cup, then it is not too late to start. Of course, you won't be able to enjoy the game of Panama and Saudi Arabia, but there will be joy and suffering in every match. Like in the TV series.


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