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Championship for Dummies: Top 10 Sexiest Soccer Players of the 2018 World Cup

Football ... As a child, I hated to shake! Like any child born in the mid-80s. One TV in the apartment, I would like to watch cartoons, but dad is adamant: Cartoons every day, and the World Cup every four years. I couldn't understand what is so interesting about sitting and watching adult men chasing the ball across the field ?!

One way or another, since childhood I was forced to watch football with my dad and, as a result, started swearing early. Indeed, in every man, somewhere at the subconscious level, there is either a virtuoso football player or a brilliant coach! Therefore, sitting in front of the TV at home, our greatest athletes (dads, boys, husbands) give an instant assessment of the situation with the distribution of titles and titles to the participants of both teams using the great and powerful Russian language ... I will not give examples, I think everyone already understood, oh what is it.

And what was my surprise when, at the age of 14, I began to understand that football is interesting to me as well, because handsome men are running after the ball! My love started in 1998 with Manchester United and David Beckham! Later, Zinedine Zidane (the best football player of 1998 according to FIFA), Gabriel Batistuta, Michael Owen, Ronaldo were added to my list of favorites. As time went on, some handsome men grew old and tied up with a football career, and new ones came out of the shadows.

Consider my top 10 hottest football players of the outgoing championship. Vote and change the table with your clicks. Whether it's worth drooling looking at Ronaldo, or it's time to find yourself a normal Russian guy, it's up to you ladies to decide, of course!

Girls, choose your favorites (read as handsome football players), because football is a beautiful and entertaining sport, no matter how you look at it.

Top 10 Sexiest Soccer Players 2018

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