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Championship for dummies: Dom-2 will be closed, Schengen will be canceled, and pensions will be increased

It's too unpatriotic not to believe in our guys today. After Ronaldo and Messi go home, taking the German national team with them, anything can happen. Together with the actor of the show Once in Russia on TNT Alexander Ptashenchuk we decided to figure out what would happen if our guys took and beat the Spaniards, because in Russia, believe me, something like that could not happen.

Wait, friends! Ahead is the match that we have been waiting for for four years, although there is nothing to be trifled with, perhaps all our lives. For the first time in the history of the World Cup, our guys got off the water (read as: with their heads held high from the group stage). A little more effort from the national team and Stanislav Cherchesov's magic mustache, and who knows, maybe today we will send the Spaniards home and shout to them from the stands Adios, amigos!

But let's see what happens after how the national team will continue its way to the playoffs ...

Boyarsky will take off his hat

I would even say: in euphoria, a thousand devils will throw off their hat with a cry, although there will be only these devils on the field 11.

Olga Buzova will start trusting the players again

The victory of the national team will return Olya faith in men on the field, and perhaps she will even record the anthem of all the players. There will be something patriotic on the motive of few halves, of course, with a dance and a video, the main thing is that without another book.

Schengen will be canceled

Because now it's not us, they will ask us when we will arrive.

Another day off will appear in Russia

Every first day of the month, an ordinary Russian fan must put on all the most elegant and go out, not to the playoffs, of course, but at least to a restaurant or to the park for a walk. On this day, it will be customary to raise the first toast for Cherchesov, 10th for Smolov, and 22nd for Dziuba.

Messi and Ronaldo will make friends

Because common indignation unites. So they will be friends against the Russian national team. Maybe they will even go to look at 1/4 in some bar together, well, if they manage to book a table: they are temporarily not a priority in their homeland.

The Kremlin will increase pensions

Because now you can't even make a bet on an average pension in a bookmaker's office. And if ours start to win, we will start betting and making money on it, so maybe we will slowly approach the living wage of Europeans.

House-2 will be closed

Because who cares about 15 cool guys, when 11 cool guys finally appear in Russia, whom it will be really interesting to follow.

Medvedev will come to the match and will not fall asleep

Because the events on the field will be more interesting than in the dream of the prime minister. And the loud screams of the fans will help keepto tone yourself. In general, while the national team scores, Medvedev will not sleep a wink.

We believe in ours! They clenched their fists so that it was impossible to open them, and it was unrealistic to challenge the victory of the national team.

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