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Championship for dummies: 6 moments that made the World Cup in Russia unforgettable

Rejoice, girls! Cry guys! Keep turning up your nose for those who consider all the results bought. And although legends will continue to circulate about Akinfeev's magic leg for a long time, and on Nikolskaya people will continue to pour beer over each other and start Russia and Russia out of habit, one cannot but admit the obvious: MUNDIAL IS ENDED! / embed.js ">

Croissants have returned to themselves after 20 years championship title, Neymar rolled home, the British once again forgot how to beat the penalty, and the fans shaved off the mustache of hope. It's time to take stock of the monthly football fever together with the resident of Comedy Club on TNT, actor and author of the creative USB band Andrey Shelkov .

The most unexpected match

Belgium - Japan. The Belgians looked threatening from the very beginning of the championship, and there was no doubt that from the very first minutes they would start actively throwing balls into the Japanese goal. But everything turned out to be not so simple: the guys who broke through to the playoffs thanks to fewer yellow cards suddenly remembered what a counterattack was and brought Belgium two goals.

The results of the match have long been known, but agree: it was beautiful. And the fact that the Japanese fans and footballers cleaned up after the match only adds to their respect. Guys, come to us in August after the day of the Airborne Forces: there will be more than enough work.

The main opening of the World Cup

I do not want to indulge in long arguments about which of the football players is cooler, so my the favorite is the VAR system. Imagine how cool it would be if you could use video replay in your life? No one could change shoes so easily in the air.

The main disappointment

No, not Smolov. Although, in my opinion, this football Timati did not cope with the championship. And not even Vida. For me personally, this is Leo Messi. And it's not even about his unbeaten penalty in the match with the Icelanders. At this championship, he was much more visible in advertising for chips than on the field.

Happiness bookmakers

The 2018 World Championship erased all boundaries between its participants. The Koreans destroyed the Germans (when I wrote this, I double-checked the results of the match, just in case), and the Russians - the Spaniards. And while our whole country was singing Katyusha in a single impulse, the bookmakers sarcastically laughed and calculated their multimillion-dollar profits.

The best player of the Russian national team

Now, of course, one could start a fiery speech in the spirit one cannot single out, everyone fought like lions ... Actually, why not? Guys, you are a machine, thanks!

Olga Buzova's new hit parade of thoughts

She rediscovered the world of other men! Although, if beaccurate, returned to the old and already proven - football. So now Olya is waiting for an offer from Denis Cheryshev, and we expect to walk around the whole country soon. To celebrate a new victory for our team, of course.

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