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Championship for Dummies: 10 awkward questions and answers about the 2018 World Cup

The World Cup has come to an end, and dummies have no less questions in football. But even if you are not new to football, these 10 most popular questions and answers will help you refresh your knowledge and happily exclaim at the end: Yes, yes, I knew everything!

awkward, unusual and interesting questions for you are answered by the actor of the show Improvisation on TNT Dmitry Pozov.

What's next? How long to wait until Qatar, when there will be the World Cup?

Wait usually 4 years. But this time there will be a surprise. The FIFA World Cup will run from mid-November to mid-December 2022. It is easy to guess that we will have to wait 4.5 years. Why is that? Because it is impossible to play football in Qatar in the summer. Why didn't they think about it earlier and gave him the right to host the championship? It is not only in Russia that strange solutions are loved. But it will be interesting. For the first time, football players will come to the tournament not at the end of the season, when they are tired, celebrated or upset, but will interrupt the football year to participate in the championship.

Championship for Dummies: 10 awkward questions and answers about the 2018 World Cup

A non-budget trip: how much does it cost to go to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

In short, you need to start saving up tomorrow.

Will ours definitely go?

Alas, but not a fact. National teams are selected. We are participating in its European stage.

Who will not have to fight for a trip to the World Cup in Qatar?

In the group of 6 national teams: the first place gives a ticket directly, the second place sends to play-offs with another second place. In such an unpretentious way, we did not get to the World Championships in 1998, 2006 and 2010. In 2006 they took third place. Twice they dropped out at the joints, but they fell or got stuck in history. In 1998, the great Buffon made his debut in the match with us for Italy, in 2010 we lost to Slovenia and the whole country hated hookahs. We did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup: the hostess of the tournament automatically enters it.

Will ours go with the same roster?

If they again persuade Samedov, Ignashevich and Zhirkov, who are already definitely finished their career in the national team. Ignashevich was persuaded before the home championship, however, in November 2022 he will be 43. The composition is formed from those who are currently the best. Knowing the specifics of Russian football, it is impossible to predict this. Golovin will be in his prime, but perhaps by that time he will be playing for Tula Arsenal. I deliberately make Golovin angry so that he does not repeat the path of a dozen young footballers from Russia, for whom they saw the future, and then ceased to see them themselves. Half of this national team will still be able to play in the championship in 2022 by age.

And if Smolov didn’t score, he will not be taken to the national team now?

If everyone who had not scored a goalIf they were not invited to the Russian national team, then 5 people would play there. It will play well - they will call. It will be bad to play - they will not be called. It happened that someone who played well was not called, but someone who played badly was called. Everything is decided by the coach.

Where else can you cheer for our national team?

Europe is lucky. We do not need to wait 4 years to cheer for the national team and devote the summer to football. In 2 years, there will be the European Championship, which also takes place every 4 years. So, wait only 2. For the first time, the tournament will be held not in one country, but in all at once. So stock up on all possible visas, a million dollars, say a mental thank you to the UEFA leadership who came up with such a trick, and go get sick. Or stay at home. Everyone will be shown on TV.

Where will the Mundial Cup be kept?

The cup is handed over after the final and then taken away. The team is given another cup, and the real one is taken to the FIFA museum in Switzerland. Only the heads of state, the President of FIFA and the players of the team that won it can touch it without gloves. At the awards ceremony in Moscow there was a moment when the presidents of France and Croatia touched and kissed the cup, and the president of the Croatian Football Federation, Davor Shuker, a former football player, stood nearby. A cup was carried by him and at one point it even seemed that the FIFA president was inviting him to touch him, but Shuker did not. He is not a world champion. Perhaps the FIFA president was simply testing Shuker for his knowledge of the rules or teasing, because Croatia did not become the world champion again.

What awaits the French team?

France will have a second star above the emblem. It will mean 2 world titles. The emblem of France is still far from Germany and Italy, which have 4 stars, but now France can laugh at Spain, which has one star. In matches with the French, the Spaniards will look at the second star and remember that the French got it at the World Cup in Russia, where Spain lost to the host of the tournament. England also has one star. But that was a long time ago. And the Germans will tell you that it's been dishonest for a long time.

What will happen to our stadiums?

The most painful topic. We have the Russian football championship and it would be logical to assume that clubs from the cities in which stadiums have appeared will play on them. Only the trick is that the teams from Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Saransk play not even in the Premier League, but in the second-strongest division. It will be difficult for them to collect 40 thousand fans for the matches with the Voronezh Torch, and paying rent for the stadium is even more difficult. Rostov plays in the Premier League, but rumors have already spread that he cannot afford to rent a new arena, which is 30 times more expensive than the old one. In Sochi, they went further and transported the team from St. Petersburg to perform in the same, second-strongest division. In Kazan, Rubin will play at the stadium, whose matches are attended by 10-15 thousand. Stadiums in Moscowe and in St. Petersburg and before the tournament were at the disposal of Spartak and Zenit, everything is good there, sold out. In Yekaterinburg, they made a focus and built a stadium that would be easily reduced after the championship, so that it would be easier for the local Urals to fill it. Qatar came up with an even better trick. Several stadiums after the tournament will be neatly folded just like in the film. But they will not surprise us. We did the same in Volgograd and Nizhny Novgorod. True, there was an embankment. And not herself, but from the rain. But still.

What do I do with my FAN ID and why do I need it?

FAN ID allowed us to enter the stadium, and foreigners to come to Russia without visas. This opportunity was extended to them for six months. Why do we need a FAN ID now? In memory of that incredible holiday that took place in our country. Years later, you can get it, see how you looked in the photo that year, and remember those happy days.

I allowed myself a couple of ironic remarks just to return myself and you to everyday reality and remind that life goes on. The Russian national team will need to prove again that it is capable of something, stadiums and landscaping will need to be monitored, but we can safely say that the World Cup in Russia was a success. And from a football and from an organizational point of view, he was one of the best. We all became part of this incredible event. I'm not sure if there is something close in scale and emotion, but we need to do something like this more often.

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