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Champion since childhood: how to instill in a child a love of sports?

Maxim Reznichenko recently turned five years old, and he has already mastered BMX, motorcycle, skiing, snowmobile, ATV, gyro scooter, aquabike and much more. Not every adult dares to engage in such sports, let alone a five-year-old child. The championship talked with the little champion's father Nikita Reznichenko and found out when the boy started to play sports and how to raise the champion correctly.

Champion since childhood: how to instill in a child a love of sports?

Photo: From personal archive of the Reznichenko family

- Nikita, are you Maxim's father and trainer at the same time?
Nikita Reznichenko, Maxim's father : In fact , Yes. First, I tell him about a certain sport, show him how to do it correctly. Then he continues his studies together with the coach. It is difficult for small children to trust and listen to a stranger. Therefore, before transferring it to a professional, we conduct several joint trainings, during which I advise the coach how to find a common language with Maxim.

- Did you initially plan that your son will be engaged sports?
- Our family leads a sports lifestyle. I was taught to play sports since childhood, and it helped me in my life. And I began to instill in Maxim a love of sports from an early age. However, we try to develop our child in many ways. Like any child, he loves to read books and watch cartoons.

- Maxim just turned five years old, how old did he start to practice?
- Maxim started to play sports to study in a year and a half - it was skiing. First, he learned to walk in ski boots to be ready for stress and his muscles got stronger. Then he put on skis and walked in them around the house. That is why, when Maxim first climbed the slope, it was a habit for him. He already knew what skiing was, how to walk correctly, to keep balance. Maxim spent two days digging, then he began to descend the slope himself, and most importantly, he liked it.

- What kinds of sports does Maxim do?
- His main occupations now are artistic gymnastics, BMX, roller skates and swimming. He really likes BMX. Maxim rides a cross-country motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, gyroscooter, aquabike, rollerblades. He also runs, often takes part in races. He is engaged in artistic gymnastics, rock climbing, motorcycle trials, parkour, swimming, jumping on a trampoline.

- BMX, motocross, ATV, jumping on a trampoline, gyro scooter, wind tunnel, swimming. Maxim is engaged in many sports, and what does he like the most, does he have a favorite sport?
- His favorite sport is the one that he misses and has not been involved in for a long time. When we talked with him, I realized that now Maxim has not yet decided what exactly he likes best. Regarding specialization, when he grows up, he will be able to choose what he likes. My task is to tell, prepare, show how to do this or that sport correctly. For examplep, he clearly understands that gymnastics is a base, so he takes it very seriously. Maxim often says: Dad, we have not studied for a long time, let's go to train !. He is a very purposeful boy in this regard.

- Does Maxim participate in competitions?
- Maxim competed in artistic gymnastics, where he won first place. He won in children's races, in skiing competitions. Several times he became the youngest participant in motocross. During the New Star Camp festival, which was held in Krasnaya Polyana, he was twice recognized as one of the best sportsmen of the day.
Recently Maxim took part in the BMX World Championship in France. He really enjoyed performing there. I think it was important to him. Participation in competitions will help you gain experience. In addition, he will look at the world's best athletes, understand what level to strive for. It is important that Maxim from childhood began to get used to a large audience, later it will be easier for him to compete in other competitions.

Champion since childhood: how to instill in a child a love of sports?

Photo: From personal archive of the Reznichenko family

- Why did you decide to teach Maxim such, one might say, extreme sports?
- Firstly, I know well these kinds of sports, so I try to convey all my knowledge, all experience to Maxim. I teach him what I did and still do myself. I am telling you how I achieved success. Initially, my parents taught me to travel. Every weekend my family and I went to the mountains or somewhere else. Therefore, from an early age I liked sports. Now I am trying to instill interest in my son's activities.

- It turns out that you also started playing sports from childhood?
- Yes, at first it was a bicycle, then skiing. I was engaged in judo, but I did not get pleasure from it. I started roller-skating, I liked it more. I loved extreme sports more: snowboarding, skiing. Then it just appeared, but now the situation is completely different - there are sports grounds and all the conditions. In the Krasnodar Territory, sports are developing very strongly and the accompanying infrastructure is available.

- Is there a sport that you don't want Maxim to do?
- I can't say , it is entirely his choice. The main thing is that sports bring him joy and pleasure. My favorite sports are primarily associated with travel, with something new. For me, for example, training in the gym is hard. However, there is no doubt that each sport has its own pros and cons. But if you need to choose, I’ll probably call bodybuilding.

- How do you see Maxim in 15 years?
- Maxim really likes sports, he has character and strength will. Now I see that he wants to become the first and the best, and my task is to help him in this. But it is important that he does not burden his body. It often happens that extreme sports are fraught with serious consequences. Therefore, the main thing is that he is healthy and there are no injuries. I want that through manyFor about years, Maxim was engaged in what he loved, became one of the best in various sports. Since childhood, he loves to train, I think, in the future, sports will be in his life.

Champion since childhood: how to instill in a child a love of sports?

Photo: From the personal archive of the Reznichenko family

- What are your rules for raising a little champion?
- First and foremost - to love your child, but not to pamper him. Help him in everything, but also become better himself. Children from 3 to 5 years old develop as much as possible. And the more you support and help your child during this period, the more successful he will be in the future. It seems to me that it is important to teach children to work from an early age. So in the future it will be easier for him in life!


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