Challenge accepted: 5 difficult sports challenges from blogger Alexey Stolyarov

Alexey Stolyarov - a popular sports blogger with an audience of 2.13 million subscribers on the YouTube channel and 500 thousand on Instagram, the founder of a fitness apparel brand, a master of original challenges and an honorary guest of the International Festival sports and healthy lifestyle SN PRO EXPO FORUM. The blogger himself modestly calls himself the Devil King. Let's see if you can accept his challenge.

Together with Alexey, we have compiled a selection of the top 5 of his most difficult sports challenges. The blogger assures that these exercises require average physical fitness, and even a schoolboy can cope with them. But we doubt something. We invite everyone to test themselves and try to repeat after Stolyarov. Let's go!

Be sure to make sure there is nothing around you that might interfere with your challenge. And in some cases it is better to put something soft on the floor.

5th place - push-ups with cotton through toilet paper

This is the easiest challenge on this list. I managed to jump 13 rolls of paper and it was easy enough because I had done something like this before. In general, you can think of a lot of tasks with toilet paper.

4th place - 15 push-ups

In this video I do three types of push-ups, I repeat each 5 times: regular push-ups, with cotton and push-ups of an athlete.

3rd place - leg jumping

Me such tasks are difficult because I have a very weak stretch. But at the same time, I never rehearse challenges, suddenly it will turn out funny and awkward, I will definitely insert it into the video. The more fun the video, the cooler.

2nd place - push-ups with jumping on chairs

This is one of my most difficult challenges. Chairs wobble as they are not firmly secured, so doing it is really scary.

1 place - handstand

This is undoubtedly the first place on my top 5 list. Until now, I can stand on my hands for a maximum of 15 seconds. I try to train the stance often, but I could still more often if my coach was watching me. And so, three times a week.

For beginners, the blogger advises to watch TikTok, rather than following the old-school bodybuilders, because, in his opinion, these people are not ready for how reality is changing. Unfortunately, they only hate the younger generation. Look at Western bloggers who move and develop together.

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