How to Survive a Dog Attack

Caution, the dog: what to do if a dog becomes attached while jogging

Regular long jogging improves not only the physical, but also the emotional state. Running is great for helping you focus on specific thoughts, or, conversely, clear your head and reboot. Nevertheless, you should not completely break away from the outside world and lose your vigilance, because dangers can lie in wait for a runner even far from busy trails.

Meeting with a dog on a run can be fraught with spoiled mood, loss of rhythm, and even serious health problems. What to do if an aggressive dog got in your way during training?

Caution, the dog: what to do if a dog becomes attached while jogging

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Tips from Experienced Runners

The easiest way to protect yourself from collisions with a dog - run in an arena or in a specialized stadium. However, few people like to wind circles in the same scenery. And running in an open space in any case is associated with the risks of meeting a person's best friends, who are not always friendly.

Caution, the dog: what to do if a dog becomes attached while jogging


There is no universal plan of action in this situation, but experienced runners know several life hacks that can help avoid the negative consequences of an unplanned meeting with an animal.

Choose your route carefully

First of all, you should carefully consider your route planning. It is advisable to avoid places of mass walking of pets, as well as locations where stray dogs can live - railway stations, industrial zones, abandoned buildings. If you have to run in a new territory for yourself, it is better to inquire in advance from the local residents (and ideally from the representatives of the running community) which route is the safest, and where there is a great chance of bumping into dogs.

Caution, the dog: what to do if a dog becomes attached while jogging

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The owner is not a guarantee of safety

Responsibility for the behavior of a pet lies with its owner, however, even near the owner, the dog can still be dangerous.

Many people take the animals off the leash while walking, especially in parks and outdoors. But even the presence of a collar does not mean that the dog will not break free. Therefore, seeing the dog from a distance, it is better to run around it along the largest possible trajectory. If the dog has noticed you and is showing aggression, it is worth slowing down or even moving a step.

Caution, the dog: what to do if a dog becomes attached while jogging


The main thing to remember is that for an animal a running person is the same irritant as a barking dog for a runner.

the path turned out to be a long one, but obviously a house dog, and the owner is not visible nearby, it is better to stop and wait. Most likely, the owner will appear and take control of the situation. Otherwise, it is important not to make sudden movements and try to freeze in place - fighting dogs are trained to attack moving people and can perceive arm waving as an act of aggression.

Do not provoke dogs

The greatest troubles can be brought by a meeting with stray dogs. Stray dogs are often hungry and aggressive, and their main danger is unpredictability. You should not continue running in the immediate vicinity of unfamiliar orphan animals, even if they do not show any noticeable interest in you - without knowing it, you can provoke them to aggression.

Caution, the dog: what to do if a dog becomes attached while jogging

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Go to step and resume running only when the dog is behind. If she barks but hasn't noticed you yet, you can change the route and continue your run. However, at the time of the maneuver, it is still better to take a step.

Don't show the dog fear

The worst thing is when the dog reacts to your appearance and behaves aggressively. In such a situation, you will have to forget about jogging. The main thing is to stay calm and in no case show your fear to the animal.

Caution, the dog: what to do if a dog becomes attached while jogging


Do not turn your back on the dogs, let alone flee. It is important to keep eye contact with your dog and to closely monitor his actions. Try to shout at the dog, swing your hand to throw, stamp your foot. If the animal is backing away, slowly step forward, without ceasing to scream and swing. Most likely, in this case, the dog barks because it is afraid of you.

Do not attack the dog first

If the dog grins and growls, it means he perceives you as an object of attack. In this case, you should retreat. It is better to move back sideways, without ceasing to look the animal in the eyes and scare it away with a cry. It does not hurt to pick up a stick or stone from the ground to intimidate the attacker, but you cannot attack the dog first. It is important to leave the territory that the dog considers his own. Typically, this requires a distance of about 50 meters.

Caution, the dog: what to do if a dog becomes attached while jogging


If it was not possible to avoid the attack, you need to group, covering your face and body with your hands.

What devices will help when colliding with dogs while jogging

An unpleasant meeting with an aggressive dog can happen to anyone. Experienced runners use special protective equipment.

Pepper spray works effectively, but requires close contact with the animal. There is a risk that when attacked by a dog, you simply do notyou will have time to spray its contents.

Another popular device is the ultrasonic repeller . The device emits sound signals in the high-frequency range: the human ear does not hear them, but the squeak of the device causes considerable discomfort to animals. If the dog does not run away, then it certainly will not dare to approach you and attack.

Some also advise to have a stun gun with you. But this method is far from humanity, and also requires special training, so it should be used only in the most extreme cases.

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