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Catch the wave: 5 of the best surfing spots in Russia

Surfing has become part of the lives of people around the world and is rapidly developing in Russia. This discipline has already been included in the list of the Olympic, and at the Tokyo Games in 2020 it will already be possible to watch surfer competitions.

In early August, the Russian surfing championship ONEGO SURF PRO took place, and on August 25 and 26 on the Grebnoy channel the festival Locals Only will be held in Moscow. There will be the Russian Wakesurfing Championship, which will host the CWSA (International Wakesurfing Association) World Series stage, and a colorful music show.

On the eve of this event, we spoke with Sergei Zhukovsky, director of the Locals Only festival, and found out which places in Russia are best for surfing and which ones exist in between differences.

Ski spots can be divided into two types.

By optimal natural conditions (the highest quality waves come there):

  • Vladivostok
  • Paramushir Island
  • Sochi
  • Sakhalin
  • Kaliningrad
  • Saint Petersburg
The ocean wave does not come so often, it is smoother and of better quality. The weather conditions are usually more comfortable there, because the waves are not formed due to winds, as, for example, in St. Petersburg. In the Northern capital, waves come very often, and the skating is ragged.

By availability and popularity

Spot Hosta in Sochi

This is one of the most convenient surfing spots, located at the mouth of the Khosta River. The waves here are of high quality, with a wide wall. It is no coincidence that one of the stages of the Russian surfing championship is held in Khost.

This spot more suitable for riding shortboards. Waves come mainly in autumn, winter, spring.

Cons :

  • Waves last no more than 5-6 hours a day, so you need to know the forecast and hit the right time.
  • There are rocks and reefs, so only experienced surfers are better off riding here.


Weather conditions, temperature.

Spot Barn in Zelenogradsk

This picturesque place with a sandy bottom has gained great popularity. Here beginners can easily try their hand. The barn is best suited for longboard riding. But you can also ride a short board.


Many vacationers

Spot Laskovy in St. Petersburg

This beach is located 40 km from cities. Sandy bottom, frequent waves and accessibility for residents of the middle lane make Laskovy an attractive place for amateurs and pros.


Typically sharp, uneven waves.

Spot Patroclus in Vladivostok

Patroclus is perfect not only for experienced wave conquerors, but also for fans of SUP-surfing (paddle surfing). And what picturesque landscapes here, what open spaces!


  • Waves are rare, the forecast can be expected up to three months.
  • Sea urchins can trap you at the bottom.

Spot Khalaktyrskiy in Kamchatka

Atmosphere for surfing on Khalaktyrskiy the beach is perfect. Transparent waves, black volcanic sand, mountains and volcanoes can be seen around - this place is definitely worth a visit.


  • Smooth waves, great for longboards.
  • You can ride almost all year round.
For beginners: you can try Laskovy, AmBar (they are the most accessible for the middle lane), Khalaktyrsky.

Master emerging sports and discover new places. Try something unknown and realize: This is mine - it seems that this is how happiness sounds.

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