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Caste: we are like four elements. Each has its own strength, color, function

Casta has been in the tops of Russian rap for almost 20 years, and its members are close to the top ten. This does not prevent them from staying on the wave and rocking fans of any age.

Before the next performance in Moscow, at Encore Fest , we met with Hamil and discussed the old Rostov and the new school, found out , why meditation before a concert is better than harmful methods, and also learned what shamika is.


- I remember my first visit to Rostov. Bald, downtrodden, recently sat guys with glowing eyes lead me to the courtyard where the Casta group was hanging out as a child. Do you feel like an authority there?

- I often visit Rostov. It feels like we have moved on many topics here. They find out, give them fives, ask: What, as a studio, as an album, record. Rostov is a very transparent city. Everyone can see each other there. Maybe you got to the Left Bank of the Don?

- Of course. There, they say, it was possible to grab a good one before.

- Yes, but it was also possible to hang cool, hide from everyone. But now everything has changed, there is a walking area, everyone communicates with each other.

- In Moscow, do you have a place where you hide from everyone?

- Serebryany Bor, there is also a wakeboard center. I ended up there and realized that my mood was a very similar place. This is my own community on the river.

- Are you generally comfortable in the capital?

- I very quickly got used to it and got used to it. Only from the visitors I tried to understand what was wrong with Moscow. Comrades after six months of living said: I can’t, not my city. Either the sky is overhanging, then the people are rude - cruel, in short, the world.

- How did you react to this?

- The people were leaving, and I asked myself: Damn, what's wrong ?. Personally, I saw another charge in Moscow. It is not faster or more powerful - just different people. It's cool and interesting.

- Do you associate this with the fact that people do not achieve success? All they have to do is turn around and say: You yourself are idiots.

- Probably, this is most often the case. Someone endures and achieves his goal, while someone, on the contrary, dumps. Hence such emotions.

Caste: we are like four elements. Each has its own strength, color, function

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- You spoke about the changes in Rostov. Can you tell me more?

- The city is getting easier. Previously, it was impossible to walk on it without grappling with someone. Any fleeting glance, and immediately: What are you looking at, what do you need?!. Now the people there feel easier, they join, there are topics for conversation. Some even city problems are being discussed.

- I agree that the changes are largely related to the World Cup?

- The World Cup is cool for Rostov. Moreover, it has always been the capital of sports. If we talk about the traditions of Rostov, this is a compulsory discipline that comes with mother's milk. Wrestling, boxing, martial arts - all this is here.

- What did you do yourself?

- Karate, but not seriously. I played basketball a lot, and recently I became interested in fencing. Not even that - with a sports knife fight.

- Why them?

- Firstly, all muscle groups are involved in it. Secondly, it is very closely associated with breathing. And thirdly, it's like meditation. You know, this is some kind of special spirit, a splash of energy. Like a concert.
I study in Rostov myself, the school is called Tolpar. By the way, I suggested replacing the word knife with a short blade in the title. The knife of the Russian man scares away. Well, you know these stories.

- Did you see something like that yourself?

- On knives? Yes, a lot of things. There was a moment when in Rostov I was actually surrounded by four Dagestanis with knives.

- Wow. When was it?

- Three years ago. They wanted to pick up my favorite laptop. For Rostov, this is nonsense! It got to the point that at three in the morning several people surrounded me on the central street of the city and started threatening me.

- How did you react?

dialogue and began to find out who their senior. In Rostov, it is very important who you know. They directly said: Senior such and such, but we arrived at the gop-stop. A week to work and leave. They began to communicate through the elders, and more or less peacefully managed to disperse. But I understand that in a different situation a person would have been stripped, robbed and still do not understand what was done to him.

New school

- Do you carry a knife with you now?

- This is pointless: you can't carry it on the plane or anywhere else. But if you know fencing, you can even handle a pen. Here it is always with me - in the old fashioned way I write down some ideas in a notebook. I wrote almost the entire album with a pen.

- You write with a pen, Big Russian Boss criticized. Smells like old-timers.

- Haha, of course, I can do a little bit, but I really like the new wave of performers. Hip-hop, rap has changed so much! With our own efforts we drew the boundaries of rap and arranged architectural statues, and the new school took it and painted it all with awesome colors! Somewhere bold, somewhere crazy. In our time, people were not ready for such sincerity, but now everything has changed. We were also not ready for stupidity in the lyrics, but now it is permissible.

- Weren't there any strange texts before?

- Yes, in pop music that was. From the category I will pour you a refreshing cup of coffee. And now it's also in rap, and it's cool! It is cool to deduce so that the snot bubbles come out of anger, otherwise you will not get emotions from people. And nothing can be worse than an indifferent person.

- You say that you had a framework. There is a feeling that now there are much more frames.

- You mean forbidden topics, right? This is a part of an era that contributes, I don't know - good or bad. I understand that this can be taken critically, but I perceive everything as a musician.

Caste: we are like four elements. Each has its own strength, color, function

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- According to the latest album of Caste, you cannot say that you are indifferent.

- I work with an image, and sometimes what I think in everyday life, I increase or vice versa cool to achieve yourrichesky result. Our group is very important to their emotions, their opinions - not to restrain them, but to apply them in the right dose. We are like four elements, and each element has its own color, its own strength, its own function. Thanks to this, we learned how to spice one song together.

- And which of you is the most radical?

- Haha, I think the Serpent.

- Was there any reaction to the last album from above?

- No. It's even a shame, we prepared like that. Comrades and relatives said: Something will start. Everyone who was nearby was preparing, but everything passed by.

- Also, when I heard the album for the first time, I thought: Damn, take it easy.

- This is the opportunity create a degree of stress. The level of admission is precisely explained by the fact that there is compensation in the image, in literature. This is how I can explain it to myself. And that's great, that's the job. It is important to be careful, calm, so that you can move on, show the shades of what really is. But definitely not as in Davidich's last interview.

Caste: we are like four elements. Each has its own strength, color, function

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Not logged in?

- Generally. Well, what is there to talk about? In three minutes everything became clear. I'd rather look at Purulent: as he says, he cuts off, breaks off. I recognize him as my person. I also love bloggers who travel, talk about the place, price, flights. Nowadays it is very important to be not just stylish, but sincere and laconic. I like this format.

Fitness and harmful methods

- When a football player ends his career, it is usually very difficult for him to realize this thought. What about the musicians?

- It's the same - it happens every year. Six months pass and a creative regressive decline begins. A month can last. This is normal, here it is important to give it a good outlet. Letting go of some moments.

- Can you call this a depression?

- Yes, this is normal for musicians. It should be. I can hardly stand it, just awful. But after a certain period passes, I find a fresh idea and ... everything is great!

- I know that you loved tea. Does it calm your nerves?

- Tea is for airplanes. All pressure drops, flights are leveled with its help.

- Which one?

- Kudin and Nihun - red and green tea. Kudin is very bitter, and nihun is perfect. You can spend two flights for 6 hours, and if the turbulence begins, the tea soothes well. Three cups will be enough.

- Are there any more secrets?

- Meditation, with which I am inseparable. Shavasana helps - the pose of the dead. When you need to gain strength before a performance, you take this pose and fall into a trance for half an hour. In 30 minutes I'm going to go to the concert and give an hour and a half to everyone in the head. I have been passionate about yoga since I was 6 years old, when I was brought to karate.

Caste: we are like four elements. Each has its own strength, color, function

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- That is, alcohol is not about youme?

- Very rare. Either wine with conversation, or drink vodka in order to radically switch.

- How does this combine with yoga?

- Everything is good in moderation. You can drink five liters of water and you will feel bad. Some say it shouldn't be consumed before a show. For us at first it was a must. If you don't drink, you are not a rapper.

- You once told me that during a song you began to think about the meaning of the phrase and forgot the words.

- Yes- yes, there is no point in getting high before the concert, because we have four people. You have to constantly be in a square, at four points. Grass in this regard is a cruel thing. You can crumble completely.

- With age, it probably became more difficult to perform without grass?

- Haha, that's why I took up fencing. Concerts are different for everyone, but in an hour and a half I do not stand still for a minute, because for me it is directly related to breathing. If I stand still, I will not be able to read the entire program. Reading is best supported by movement. I throw this wave into the crowd, and she gives it back to me. This is how it works.


- I often hear: Rostov is Kasta, Basta and Raki. Would you add something to the list?

- Shamika!

- What is this?

- Such a fish , it seems like it was recently included in the Red Book. Steeper than crayfish because it is very unusual. It has its own special taste, so it was often exported earlier. It is like bream, but it has very juicy meat. You sing once - you will remember forever.

Caste: we are like four elements. Each has its own strength, color, function

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Well, how do you feel about Baste?

- We communicate at general speeches. It so happened that everyone has their own clearing, their own sandbox. In the early years in Moscow they always kept in touch with him. The gas holder (Basta's label - Approx. Championship) was already developing at that time, but I went to Vasya's to drink tea, talk. For me it was an outlet, because there was always a Rostov mood.

- Did you feel the competition?

- It was a long time ago, we are still in Rostov together partying. Vasya was the main ringleader. One joke could blow up the crowd so much that we laughed and could not calm down. At the same time, he is an intellectual, and somewhere an introvert. On the other hand, this communication helped each of us develop our own style. I was rolling on hardcore rap, Vasya was closer to R'n'B. So it began to develop later.

- Last fall, Basta made a stadium concert. Do you have such ambitions?

- Yes, but we do everything in stages. There is a plan of action that includes many points, so I think we still have something ahead.

- Ahead? Despite everything that has already happened?

- Life is never enough. Especially in terms of creativity. The caste of themes is unique in that we are always in search. We can even present hookah rap in the picture of some illusion of the present. We take every chance to convey an elegant message to the listener. Hope we succeed.

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