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Cartoon for adults: 5 popular pairs of sneakers with Disney characters

With the arrival of summer, we began to give preference to lighter and more comfortable shoes. These are mainly sneakers or sneakers from well-known companies such as adidas, Reebok, Vans or Converse. They, in turn, always listen to the wishes of customers and release pairs for absolutely every taste. Even if you or, more likely, your children are suddenly drawn to cartoons. Today we're going to talk about iconic models featuring characters from Disney animated films.

Cartoon for adults: 5 popular pairs of sneakers with Disney characters

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Disney Mickey Mouse Stan Smith & Superstar

Price: from 9 thousand rubles.

Legendary models of classic adidas sneakers were complemented by the image of one of the most famous characters of Walter Disney - Mickey Mouse. The line was released in 2020 and was timed to coincide with the year of the rat, as well as the Chinese New Year. It combines a classic silhouette with a hilarious Disney mouse.

Reebok Insta Pump Fury Disney Cinderella

Price: from 6 thousand rubles.

Reebok has partnered with Disney to customize the Instapump Fury, linking it to the famous Cinderella tale. The sneakers were released exclusively in women's and children's sizes. The boot itself is made in white tones with iridescent pearl inserts. You can see a butterfly on the heel, and a picture of a watch flaunts on the tongue.

The brand also linked Instapump Fury featuring Tom and Jerry and The Jungle Book. And if you digress a little from the work of Disney, then you can find a couple, for which the designers were inspired by the film adaptation of Ninja Turtles. Well, Reebok loves to plunge into childhood!

Cartoon for adults: 5 popular pairs of sneakers with Disney characters

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Disney x Gucci Rhyton Sneaker

Price: from 42 thousand rubles.

The collaboration between Gucci and Disney was not limited only to the clothing line. In honor of the year of the rat, the Italian company began to produce branded sneakers and sneakers with the image of Mickey Mouse. The model is intended not only for women and children, but also for men. Almost all Disney Mouse sneakers and sneakers are available in ivory.

Disney Vans Slip-On

Price: from 5 thousand rubles.

But the Vans company began to produce branded slippers not only withimage of Mickey. After the collaboration with The Walt Disney Company, the iconic footwear of the American brand has expanded its line with cartoon characters Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dolmatins, The Jungle Book, The Nightmare Before Christmas and others.

The brand also produces high-top sneakers with images of their favorite characters. These lightweight shoes are perfect for both children and adults. But, unfortunately, it remains to search for it from dealers, since it is difficult to find the model on the official website.

Cartoon for adults: 5 popular pairs of sneakers with Disney characters

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Converse All Star Hi 100th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Chuck Taylor Shoes

Price: from 10 thousand rubles.

These sneakers with the image of Mickey Mouse were released in 2017 in Japan for the 100th anniversary of the legendary All Star model. The image of a mouse is present not only on the outside of the shoe, but also on the insole. Sneakers are suitable for people of absolutely any age.

Converse is applied to branded shoes and other cartoon characters Walter Disney, such as Donald Duck. But it is extremely difficult to catch such pairs in the official store.

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