When Cardio is KILLING Your Gains (VIDEO PROOF!)

Cardio is different. What if I don't like running

Any exercise that raises your heart rate to 150 beats per minute can be considered cardio exercise. The most common practice among this kind of training is running. 30 minutes exercise per day is enough time to improve heart function and fight cardiovascular disease in the future. But what if you went out, tried it and realized that running is not really yours?

First, let's figure it out: why are you uncomfortable running? The most common reasons are:

- your running technique is wrong,

- you have the wrong shoes (this can cause serious knee injury),

- jogging is strongly discouraged for people with increased body weight.

In any case, if the reason lies not only in one of the above, consider the types of alternative load that will help you develop and how to pump your heart muscle and body.


Cycling is great cardio. And any option is suitable: whether it is a bike ride with a family outside the city or an exercise machine in a fitness club. Of course, it is best to practice outdoors. Here you will find various landscapes and fresh air. Cycling on hilly terrain or uphill is considered particularly high in terms of load. Life hack: a bicycle with several speeds will allow you not to get very tired at first and control the level of load.


Why is swimming easier than running? The point is that swimming, unlike running, limits your ability to breathe. Taking this as a signal, our body strives to increase the volume of the lungs, which makes it possible to better provide the body with oxygen. What's more, close contact with water strengthens the immune system, relaxes and allows the muscles to recover faster. Traditional cardio swimming workout consists of warm up, core workout and cool down. Usually training includes cycles from the category of 4 times 100 meters. Rest lasts 2-3 minutes.

Elliptical trainer

This is a unique simulator that allows you to optimally distribute the load to all parts of the body at once. At the moment, this is one of the most popular simulators. Its main feature is that it imitates running, downhill walking, downhill running. At the same time, the ellipse allows you to move at a more moderate pace than a treadmill. At home, you can also use a slightly more compact and affordable stepper.


They say that in order to burn enough calories, a person mustn walk at least 10 thousand steps a day. Ideally, walking cardio can be started anytime, anywhere. Life hack: pay attention to hand work. Be sure to flex and extend your arms as you walk, and nothing else is required.

Jump rope

An ordinary jump rope (!), The cost of which is unlikely to exceed 100 rubles, can easily become an alternative to expensive exercise equipment and going to the pool. What should be part of a beginner's rope training program to be effective? First, do not forget to warm up before exercising with a rope (stretch your joints, stretch your leg muscles). Second, at the end of each workout, catch your breath and stretch. It is recommended to train 2-3 times a week.

How To STOP Cardio From Killing Your Gains (3 WORST Mistakes You’re Making)

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