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Capital fitness clubs are closing. How to replace exercise equipment at home

Tough measures in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection this time also affected fitness centers. Rospotrebnadzor ordered to close all sports halls, swimming pools, water parks and other places of mass visiting from March 21. It seems that the new virus is already hindering any sports endeavors from all sides. But you can keep yourself in shape at home, replacing the simulators with improvised means and furniture. We will tell you what items in your apartment will be a good alternative to fitness equipment.


A wall not covered with furniture can be found in any house. A couple of free meters are enough to use the space for strength training. You can do push-ups from the wall with a narrow and wide setting of your arms, as well as squat, leaning on it.

You can also do many stretching exercises against a wall. For example:

  • stretching the back and front of the thigh;
  • hamstring stretch;
  • bridge from the wall;
  • wall-supported handstand;
  • bend handstand, etc.


In fact, this is a great tool for doing reverse push-ups - one of the most effective triceps exercises. For training the muscles of the arms, both a regular chair and a stool or chair are suitable. The main thing is to place your arms slightly wider than your shoulders and do not lower the body too low to the floor, so as not to load the shoulder joint.


The most dedicated fitness fans not only relax on it, but also play sports. Moreover, it is more difficult to perform exercises on the bed than on the floor. Because on a soft, unstable surface, it is extremely difficult to maintain balance - and this is an additional load on the muscles of the legs, buttocks and core. The list of exercises on the bed includes:

  • jumping from knees to squat;
  • fold to the legs lying down (with a pillow);
  • Spider-Man Back Leg Push-ups
  • twists;
  • dynamic bar, etc.
Capital fitness clubs are closing. How to replace exercise equipment at home

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Capital fitness clubs are closing. How to replace exercise equipment at home

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If you have been planning to pump muscles of the legs and buttocks, then the sofa will help you with this. It is convenient to do exercises based on it.but one leg. For example, jump squats, which put a significant load on the calves, and Bulgarian lunges.


It can be used in a simple and effective complex for the legs and buttocks. The handle will act as a support to hold onto during each exercise. Workout includes:

  • Squats with alternating arms to the sides;
  • lunges with alternate abduction of arms to the sides;
  • one-legged squats;
  • bending the knee and swinging to the side.


It's hard to believe, but thanks to the detergent, many cardio enthusiasts have found a replacement for the treadmill. The secret of their idea is simple:

  • pour some detergent onto the floor near the kitchen counter;
  • spray on the product with water;
  • we get up barefoot on a slippery surface and start walking;
  • hold on to the table top with our hands so as not to slip.

However, such an exercise is unlikely to be a full-fledged alternative to track activities, but for fun you can try. Just be careful!


For those who love weight training, bottles are useful. You can use both bottles of wine, as the girl did in the video, or plastic ones. It is best to fill them with water or, if you want heavier, sand. For advanced athletes, 5-liter bottles are suitable. By the way, you can put them on a wooden mop stick on both sides to create a home-like barbell.

Capital fitness clubs are closing. How to replace exercise equipment at home

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Capital fitness clubs are closing. How to replace exercise equipment at home

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Toilet paper

Since many Muscovites have stocked up on toilet paper for a year ahead due to quarantine, you can use it in sports. For an intense workout, you will need several rolls. You can do the following exercises with them:

  • jumping out of the squat with a 180 degree turn;
  • side plank with foot touch of rolls;
  • a dynamic bar on straight arms;
  • body raises from a prone position;
  • leg curls, etc.

This complex is suitableIt is for a quick workout of tabata. To do this, you need to do each exercise for 20 seconds at the maximum of your ability, and then rest for 10 seconds and proceed to the next.


A rolled towel will help work out the abs. Take it in your hands, pull it out and start exercising your abdominal muscles. Among them:

  • side crunches;
  • body lifts to extended legs;
  • fold to one leg when lying down;
  • bending the knees and straightening on weight, etc.


For those who are just learning the basics of stretching and still do not know how to sit on the twine, special cubes are needed for safety net. They are in every studio stretching, but few people purchase them for home workouts. There is a way out: cubes can be replaced with books. Place them on either side of you and use them as hand rest.

Of course, training with the use of improvised equipment and furniture may not be as effective and exhausting as exercising on the simulators in the gym. But since we are unable to change the current situation in Moscow, it is much better to take care of health and physical fitness at home than to sit around.

Capital fitness clubs are closing. How to replace exercise equipment at home

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Capital fitness clubs are closing. How to replace exercise equipment at home

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