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Can sports improve vision?

Being in good physical shape is very fashionable today. This is not only a good way to improve health, but also a trend that has swept most of the world.

Is it possible to play sports with poor eyesight?

The life of a modern person seems incomplete without sports. What, then, should people with farsightedness, myopia and other visual pathologies do? Is it possible to play sports with poor eyesight? Previously, everyone could skip a physical education lesson. Fortunately, an ophthalmologist's diagnosis is no longer a sentence for people with vision problems. They can also devote their lives to sports or simply spend their holidays active and healthy.

Can sports improve vision?


Physical activity improves blood circulation, due to which the organs are constantly nourished with oxygen and other substances important for humans. Thus, physical education increases the efficiency of all body systems. Of course, they cannot completely heal their eyesight. However, this is a good prevention and an opportunity to strengthen and improve visual function. The main thing is that physical activity is moderate. If an eye disease has already been diagnosed, then the choice in favor of one or another sport should be made more carefully.

What sports are dangerous for visual impairments?

For severe visual impairment, physical activity should be small. We will have to give up boxing and various martial arts, weightlifting, football, etc. All these activities contribute to an increase in pressure, including intraocular pressure. It is not necessary to completely abandon physical education even in the last stages of myopia. You just need to choose an activity that is not associated with lifting weights or sudden movements that can cause an increase in pressure or cause mechanical injury to the head or eyes. You can do aerobics, yoga, swimming. They are safe and suitable for almost everyone.

As for professional athletes, they are periodically tested. The ophthalmologist will detect an eye ailment in time and prescribe treatment, after which it will be possible to start training again. Amateur athletes should also visit an ophthalmologist's office regularly to help prevent visual impairment. A specialist will help you decide on the type of sport. The doctor will advise the type of physical activity that is most appropriate for a particular eye condition.

Can sports improve vision?


What sports are best for people with myopia?

Medical research shows that not all sports are suitable for patients with myopia. The most useful for them are running, swimming and similar physical activities of not very high intensity, when the pulse does not exceed 140 beats per minute. During training, the circulation of intraocular fluid is normalized, and the work of the ciliary weshtsy improves. Regular exercise can stop the development of myopia. If, in addition, you do eye gymnastics, your visual acuity will increase.
Also, with myopia of the first and second degrees, playing sports that require attention switching (volleyball, badminton, table tennis) are useful. Moving the gaze during the game from a distant object to a close one (when moving the ball) enhances the accommodative ability of the lens and provides training for the eye muscles.

Can sports improve vision?


Intense loads, in which the pulse rises to 150-180 beats, are contraindicated in people with myopia. Acrobatics and heavy lifting can rupture the retina. This pathology, if the treatment is not started on time, ends with complete and irreversible blindness.

Very carefully with myopia, you need to perform strength exercises. Many young people today go to gyms to build muscle mass. They often train on their own, without the help of an instructor. This can be dangerous as novice athletes tend to overwork themselves. It is best to consult an ophthalmologist before visiting a fitness center. If myopia is at an early stage, then lifting weights will not lead to complications. But you need to increase the load more slowly than a person with good vision does.

Physiotherapy for myopia.

  • massage of the back of the neck and occiput;
  • circular head movements;
  • circular movements of the eyeballs (performed for one minute, first to the left and then to the right);
  • eye massage;
  • rapid blinking for 25-30 seconds.

It is necessary to do gymnastics, self-massage of the neck and eyes daily. All of these exercises are aimed at relaxing and strengthening the ciliary muscle. They do not take much time, and you will notice the positive effect within a few weeks. Eyes will become less fatigued, and visual acuity will increase.

What kinds of sports have a good effect on vision with hyperopia?

People with hyperopia are also advised by experts to play volleyball, tennis (table tennis), basketball. They help to strengthen the eye muscles. Classes should be held several times a week for half an hour. However, these recommendations apply to patients with first-degree farsightedness.
In the second stage of the disease, in order to avoid complications, you will have to give up high and long jumps, as well as other disciplines in which the load on the muscles increases. Intense sports (running, rowing, swimming, soccer, figure skating, tennis) are not contraindicated, but your heart rate should be monitored at all times.

Can sports improve vision?

So, moderate physical activity with myopia and hyperopia provide:

• enrichment of the body with oxygen;
• rush of blood to the eyes;
• normal circulation of intraocular fluid;
•strengthening the muscles of the eyes.

Sports after laser eye surgery

Patients who decide to undergo laser surgery to restore vision are interested in whether it is possible to exercise after the procedure. Almost any operation on the eyes is accompanied by damage to the surface layer of the cornea. Healing occurs very quickly, within one to two days. During this period, not only sports are prohibited, but also any load on the eyes, even reading and working at the computer. In the next two weeks after the correction, the patient can return to normal life, however, situations in which the eye may be injured should be avoided. A foreign body or impact can displace the corneal flap, resulting in a need for medical attention again. During the rehabilitation period, the operated person can exercise, run on a treadmill or ride a bicycle. The pool and saunas are not allowed during this time, as germs can get into the eyes.

Can sports improve vision?


If you have vision problems, then you need to approach sports more responsibly. Be sure to be examined by an ophthalmologist. It will show if you have any contraindications, whether they are absolute or relative. Find out which sport is right for you. Remember that even walking in the fresh air will improve your eye health. A sedentary lifestyle is accompanied by a slowdown in the blood supply to the organs of vision and a drop in visual acuity. The influence of sport on vision is very strong, but with a competent approach to this issue, it will be extremely positive.

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