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Camera, motor! Sports stars in advertising for famous brands

Advertising is one of the main engines of trade, because it attracts the attention of buyers. Especially when world famous athletes take part in the filming. Sometimes, however, commercials performed by famous athletes can look pretty funny and even ridiculous. In our selection - several videos in which athletes demonstrate hidden acting talents. By the way, they do it in a very funny way.

Alexander Ovechkin - Russian spy in ESPN advertising

The Spanish sports TV channel ESPN has released a video that is undoubtedly relevant in modern realities. The main character is Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. The athlete was shown as a spy stealing the passports of the Canadian national team players. Alexander's teammate, Semyon Varlamov, became an accomplice in the crime. Russian spies did an excellent job and completed it without attracting attention.

Camera, motor! Sports stars in advertising for famous brands

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Cristiano Ronaldo teaches you how to smile

Want to become an owner a wide Hollywood smile? The legendary football player Cristiano Ronaldo, together with a Japanese company, advertised a special device for training facial muscles. It's funny to see the pleasure with which the holder of the five Ballon d'Or tries to attract the attention of the audience. And it worked: PAO Facial Fitness is now one of the most sought-after fitness machines in Japan.

An effective sip of Pepsi by Roberto Carlos

Another video from Japan, but with the participation of Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos. An advertisement revealing the theme of national flavor was released shortly before the 2002 World Cup. The defender was able to quickly join the traditions of the country and use them correctly. The result is a spectacular free-kick goal into the opponent's net.

Camera, motor! Sports stars in advertising for famous brands

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David Beckham and Kevin Hart in H&M commercials

Usually people are used to seeing small videos as ads. H&M decided to go further and released an entire short film featuring football player David Beckham and American actor Kevin Xart. In the story, Kevin arrives in London to begin studying the behavior of an athlete. After all, Hart is going to play Beckham in one of the planned films. The actor spends a whole week at David's house, is constantly next to him and tries to become a real copy of the legendary player. The film turned out to be interesting and very funny.

By the way, the story continues: Kevin and David went on tour together with the Beckham musical. The main role in it is played by the same Hart. However, the trip was not very successful.

Camera, motor! Sports stars in advertising for famous brands

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Lionel Messi and Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines commercials tend to look interesting as well as creatively, with a fair amount of humor. Lionel Messi, player of FC Barcelona, ​​is one of the main faces of the company. He took part in the filming of several commercials with basketball player Kobe Bryant and football player Didier Drogba. The ad turned out to be very funny. In one of the videos, the athletes even visited Russia and felt the severity of the Siberian frosts.

Indestructible Pelicans

The Finnish hockey team Pelicans made a mesmerizing commercial. The club simply decided to morally crush the rivals and show how tough real hockey players should be. Just look at what Finnish superheroes are capable of. They give no mercy even to the ice harvester.

Camera, motor! Sports stars in advertising for famous brands

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