Amazing 30 Day Calisthenics Body Transformation (No Gym) – Documentary

Calisthenics before and after. How to pump up without a gym

Calisthenics is a popular form of bodyweight strength training. The results of this approach are inspiring. Adherents of this type boast of a well-drawn relief and perfect control of their own body. Any sports field is suitable for training in calisthenics. Due to the availability and impressive results, this species has more and more fans.

Calisthenics before and after. How to pump up without a gym

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What is Kalistenika

Kalistenika is a system of strength training and bodyweight exercises. The name refers to two ancient Greek words: beauty and strength. As the results of the followers show, with the help of calisthenics you can really get a beautiful and strong body.

The attractiveness of the system is in its accessibility. It doesn't need any shells, simulators and you don't need to spend money on anything. Any playground is suitable for training, and your only equipment will be your own body. Calisthenics athletes also like to mention that the system allows you to achieve perfect control of every muscle in your body. In addition, calisthenics reduces the risk of overloading the ligaments or joints, which makes it less traumatic. However, when performing complex elements, it is better to have someone insure you first.

How calisthenics changes the body

Calisthenics develops the body harmoniously and has many advantages. Almost all exercises involve several muscle groups at once, and the most difficult to pumped muscles are included in the work. Ligaments and joints also develop along with the muscles. Calisthenics workouts include both strength and static elements, develop both strength and endurance and work out the relief perfectly. Therefore, calisthenics athletes are always harmoniously built and have excellent control over their bodies, performing the most difficult tricks with their own weight.

So a teenager from Poland was able to change his body in a year of training:

visual transformation, but also the level of exercises that the hero of the video has mastered.

Another video with a very good author's result:

Where to learn more about calisthenics

On Youtube there is a large canal along the calisthenics. The channel has a lot of training videos and training programs:

Another good channel with a lot of exercises and programs from very charismatic athletes:

The personal channel of one of the most prominent representatives of the calisthenics movement Chris Heria:

Kalistenica can help you get the body you've dreamed of - try it!

Calisthenics before and after. How to pump up without a gym

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Calisthenics before and after. How to pump up without a gym

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Calisthenics before and after. How to pump up without a gym

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