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Calendar of events. How and where to extend the season of active family holidays?

Tired of spending weekends at home and resisting bad weather? Then forget about the wind, slush under your feet, choose a suitable event and spend your time with benefit. Whether you want to run a trail distance, listen to a lecture on healthy posture, or take your child to a panna soccer competition, it's up to you.


When? October 13
Where? 1930 Moscow, Moscow

Already next Sunday, starting at 19:00, on the dance floor of the concert venue 1930 Moscow final of the Nike dance contest. The aim of the project was to demonstrate an inclusive dance environment in which all participants are equal. At the final stage of ALL FOR 1 MOSCOW, dancers will fight in a showcase format and demonstrate their love for their work and desire to win. And those who get it will go to London for the Serious London dance event. The finalists will be evaluated by experienced performers and choreographers: Katya Reshetnikova, Dmitry Cherkozyanov, Banzay BNZ, Vovan Gudym, Atazhan and Aslan Nyrov.

The event will delight you not only with dances, but also with musical accompaniment. The main guest of the ALL FOR 1 MOSCOW finals is the popular hip-hop artist Big Baby Tape.

You can visit as a guest, 14+.

For more information, see the official website nike.com


When? October 13
Where? SEC Butovo Mall, Moscow

Calendar of events. How and where to extend the season of active family holidays?

Photo: instagram.com/p/B2w0WIhJnrh/

Does your child like to feint and go to the stroke without fear? Then PANNA STARS is waiting for him! The 1x1 soccer tournament is suitable for children aged 8 to 16 and, of course, their parents. While the younger generation is fighting panna-style opponents in a small ring, adults will be able to actively support the players. According to the results of the competition, absolutely all participants will receive a guaranteed charge of positive emotions and pleasant gifts. And the main prize for the winner will be JBL wireless acoustics.

Paid registration is required to participate.

First International Lipetsk Marathon

When? October 13
Where? Pl. Lenina Soborna, Lipetsk
Distance: 42.2 km / 21.1 km / 10 km / 3 km / 600 m / 300 m

Calendar of events. How and where to extend the season of active family holidays?

Children's start

Photo: Lipetsk Marathon Press Service

Coming weekend the first international marathon will take place in Lipetsk. Already, 1500 participants from three different countries and 139 cities of Russia managed to register for it. The famous long-distance runner, bronze medalist of the European Marathon Championship Dmitry Safronov will act as the headliner of the athletes. He will also run a distance of 10 km together with the Olympic champions, the stars of the sport, show business and other participants. Dmitry Guberniev will be the host of the event.

All family members can take part in the competition, not only adults. For young athletes, there are two separate tracks, 300 and 600 meters long. In addition, you are allowed to take your favorite pet to the race. The main thing is that he himself is ready for this.

In addition to the main distances, the participants will have a costume race. 100 runners will demonstrate original outfits and receive valuable prizes.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

Open lesson Healthy posture, joints, spine

When? October 15
Where? Golden Hands Massage Center, Moscow

An open lesson will teach you how to correctly identify the nature of back pain and effectively eliminate. The lesson will be conducted by the head of the Golden Hands center, therapist and massage therapist Polad Bayramov. A master of his craft with 10 years of experience in restorative medicine will share his knowledge and tell you how to improve the condition of the spine and increase the body's endurance. The organizers ensure that the lesson attendees will have the maximum benefit.

Free admission.

Trail Start Theater Red Cypresses

When ? October 20
Where? P. Sukko, Anapa
Distance: 42 km / 25 km / 10 km / 5 km

Trail start Red Cypresses has been held for several years, but in 2019 the race promises to be unique. If only because classical music will play in the start-finish town and a spectacle of contemplation of Red Cypresses will take place. Instead of the usual pre-competition briefing, there will be a 20-minute meditation. And at the award ceremony, no one forbids you to share your creativity: to paint pictures or recite poetry. Indeed, an unlikely autumn start!

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

Krylatsky trail

When ? October 27
Where? Krylatskie Hills Park, Moscow
Distance: 4 km / 8 km

Krylatskoy trail Is a brand new event on the Running Community calendar. The upcoming cross-country run will be a great opportunity for you to add variety during the off-season. Participants will run on asphalt and soil, on ups and downs - all this in one circle along the picturesque Krylatsky Hills.

By registering for the trail, you can also make a donation to the Life Line Foundation, which helps seriously ill children.whose lives are threatened by terrible diseases.

Paid registration and a medical certificate are required to participate.

But even if you are not impressed by anything from our selection, this is not a reason to stay at home ... Go on a family bike ride, to the park, or to the backyard sports field. Don't forget to dress warmly. And you are in a good mood!

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