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Brutal confrontation. Who is cooler: Jason Statham or Bruce Willis?

The championship continues to compare the legendary Hollywood actors. Next in line are two menacing guys - Jason Statham and Bruce Willis . They have different stories: one got into the cinema by accident, the second with sweat and blood proved his worth. But it so happened that these men have a lot in common: both have skinheads, play in harsh action films, and fans of the genre even occasionally confuse the stars. We will tell you about the achievements of each and try to find out who is cooler.

Brutal confrontation. Who is cooler: Jason Statham or Bruce Willis?

Not an easy choice. Who is cooler: Chuck Norris or Jean-Claude Van Damme?

It's time to finally find the answer to this question.

Sports in the lives of actors

Statham and Willis have been actively involved in sports since childhood. One of them even grew up to the national team, and the second received a serious injury and a scar for life.

As a child, Jason was fond of diving and football. The teenager's final choice fell on the first sport, so he had to forget about playing with the ball for a long time. Statham has grown to become the UK national team, for which he has played for 12 years. By the way, in 1988 the swimmer took part in the Olympic Games in Seoul. He even came to competitions in Russia as part of the Spring Swallows tournament. It was not possible to win a medal then, but the Briton left a memorable photo with Soviet athletes, from whom the young man was a fan at that time.

Willis grew up as a versatile child. The boy studied in the theater, sang songs and played the harmonica. But the struggle stood apart in the interests of the teenager. We do not know how Bruce's sports career would have developed if it had not been for a serious injury at the age of 17 - a fracture of the humerus. The doctors even had to remove one part of the muscle tissue in order for the bones to heal properly. After this operation, a scar remained. Obviously, Statham's athletic path is more successful.

Film careers

But the filmography was rich for both, but the men went to success in different ways. Statham got into the cinema unexpectedly. Once a stately swimmer was noticed by one of the agents of the Tommy Hilfiger company and invited him to try himself in the modeling business. The Briton agreed, because they paid decent money for the shooting. Soon, photos of Jason in trendy jeans graced the pages of glossy magazines.

The turning point in his life was the spontaneous desire of the brand owner. He decided to produce the film Lock, Stock, Two Barrels of the then unknown Guy Ritchie. As soon as the businessman read the script, he immediately remembered Statham, who, in his opinion, was ideal for the role. Jason was called to the casting and given the task: to sell jewelry to buyers, passing it off as gold. Here the old skills came in handy: as a child, the guy sold various trinkets on the street. Statham did a perfect job and soon made his film debut. Then he starred at togasabout Richie in the paintings Big Jackpot and Revolver. The director managed to raise a world-class star. Jason became a sought-after actor, having received roles in the films Turn Up, War, Heist in Italian, Confrontation, Ghosts of Mars and Adrenaline.

Statham became famous after the release of Luc Besson's film The Transporter. The role of Frank Martin immediately brought glory to the Briton. Jason received a $ 1 million royalty for filming. But that was just the beginning of his career.

Unlike Statham, Willis had to prove his talent for a long time. At one of the performances in the theater, the young man was noticed and invited to appear in advertising. The fate of the actors is similar in this: Bruce advertised Levi's jeans.

Soon, the American's dream came true: he was invited to audition for the detective agency Moonlight. Willis was chosen out of 3 thousand applicants. They were satisfied with the play of the young actor, and the picture gained many fans in a short time. The project made a splash and was deservedly nominated for an Emmy in as many as 16 categories.

In 1988, Bruce starred in the legendary Die Hard. After this picture, the image of a heroic rescuer was glued to the American. By the way, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed the lead role in the film, but Willis's charisma became key in the final choice. Die Hard has brought the actor deafening fame. Willis made him believe his hero. That is why in subsequent films he was invited to the same type of role. So it was in the films The Fifth Element, Mercury in Danger, Striking Distance.

Brutal confrontation. Who is cooler: Jason Statham or Bruce Willis?

Eternal dispute. Who is cooler: Schwarzenegger or Stallone

We compared the achievements of the legends in life and on the screen.


In 2009 it became known that Sylvester Stallone collects Hollywood superstars in a new film. The film was named The Expendables, and the cast was really impressive: Stallone himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and many others. Statham was in the role of Lee Christmas, an accomplished martial artist. And Willis played a cameo role as Mr. Temple, who ordered the main characters to kill the dictator.

The film met all expectations, the worldwide gross was just over $ 274 million. Just two years later, the second part of the film was released. The shooting of The Expendables 2 did not go without our heroes. The project again collected crazy fees - almost $ 315 million. Soon the next part was announced, but without Willis. American media reported that Bruce was offered a $ 3 million fee for four working days. The American was not enough, so he demanded $ 1 million more, that is, a million per working day. Stallone did not like this, so Bruce was refused. Soon, Sylvester wrote the following on social networks: Greed and laziness ... The ideal formula for pa smooth career. This episode is clearly not going to be Willis's coolness.

Awards and prizes

Jason Statham did not have any serious awards for a long acting career. The Briton was nominated several times for Best Comedy Actor and Villain, but did not qualify for further nomination.

In this category, Willis bypasses his counterpart. In his debut film Detective Agency Moonlight, Bruce won an Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama Series. He also received the Golden Globe for Best Actor on TV. In 2000, he won an Emmy in the nomination for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, the award went to the Briton for appearing on Friends.

However, not all of his roles were good. The actor has received the Golden Raspberry Award several times for dubious achievements in cinema. The American became the winner in the following nominations: Worst Screenplay for The Hudson Hawk and Worst Actor in an Armageddon Movie.

Brutal confrontation. Who is cooler: Jason Statham or Bruce Willis?

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Which of them was able to keep fit? Not everyone succeeded.


It seems that Statham has no equal in this matter. The Briton is a real style icon. Jason chooses the perfect fit that enhances his athletic build. The clothes themselves change depending on the situation. On walks with his son, the actor can wear sports clothes, but in public he will definitely appear in a tuxedo. Glasses and watches are a must. In a suit, Statham looks laconic, and a light unshaven adds charm.

Sports uniform

Jason has an athletic physique since childhood thanks to swimming. By the way, then the guy went into kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. Statham maintains excellent shape to this day. Moreover, the actor even took up a workout. Jason's body still looks bold despite being 52.

Although Willis is 65 years old and does not boast of muscles, the actor is still actively involved in sports and plays golf. Plus, Bruce continues to travel the world comfortably.

Brutal confrontation. Who is cooler: Jason Statham or Bruce Willis?

Be like Statham. How the most brutal actor trains

Jason is always in great shape. But how does he do it?

Social networks

Willis is not on social networks, but Statham has 25 million audience on Instagram. Nevertheless, Jason rarely publishes material in the tape, but each new publication is a kind of art.

Both Bruce Willis and Jason Statham have definitely succeeded inmovie. And although their life paths are somewhat similar, the achievements of the actors are still different. Which cool guy appeals to you more?

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