Bruce Lee Fight Scene - ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD (2019)

Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood: What's Wrong with the Fighter?

In May this year, the world premiere of the long-awaited film by Quentin Tarantino Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood took place. The director's ninth film became the highest-grossing film in his entire career, received a huge number of positive reviews and won an 8.1 rating on IMDb.

However, bad reviews also appeared. Many viewers were extremely unhappy with the fight scene between Cliff Booth, the hero of Brad Pitt, and Bruce Lee, played by Mike Mo. Mostly they were disappointed in the light in which Tarantino put the great film actor and martial artist of the last century. Let's figure out what's the matter.

What was shown in the sensational scene?

The fight scene was shown as a reference to the past of Cliff Booth.

Once upon a time Rick Dalton , the hero of Leonardo DiCaprio, starred in the film The Green Hornet. At the same time, on the set, Cliff, Rick's stunt double, hears Bruce Lee's pretentious speech. He states that he would cripple Cassius Clay (real name of Muhammad Ali) if they had a chance to fight. Booth is outraged by such pompous behavior. He gets into the conversation and says that Bruce Lee is unlikely to be able to leave a bigger mark in Muhammad Ali's life than a stain on his boxing shorts. Sharp phrases fly one after another - a challenge to a duel sounds, the initiator is Bruce. During it, the hero of Brad Pitt throws Lee into a car parked next to it so that it remains a huge dent.

Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood: What's Wrong with the Fighter?

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Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood: What's Wrong with the Fighter?

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Who and what offended by this scene?

Probably, the fight scene from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood hit Shannon Lee , daughter of Bruce. In her opinion, her father was portrayed as a pompous jerk, although he never was and, on the contrary, put a lot of effort into building a career in Hollywood in the 60s. There was no need for the filmmakers to treat my dad the way that white Hollywood treated him while he was alive, ”Lee said.

Moreover, Shannon assures that in real life Bruce never initiated fights, and if they called him, he refused.

But the acting performance of Mike Moe was praised by Bruce Lee's daughter. She noticed that he very accurately managed to convey the intonation of her father's voice and some of his features.

The American martial arts master and now comedian, TV presenter Joe Rogan also did not like the staged fight. Rogan stated on his show thatthe main problem with this scene is that they made a jester out of Bruce Lee, and there is no real reason for this.

Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood: What's Wrong with the Fighter?

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What does Mike Moe think of the scene?

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the actor admitted that he was amazed when he first read the script.

However, the actor recommended treating the fictional scene as an episode of Quentin Tarantino's film, from which you should always expect something extraordinary. In addition, Mike added that the director really loves and honors Bruce Lee.

What are Quentin Tarantino's arguments?

15 years after his last visit, Quentin Tarantino is back in Moscow. At a press conference dedicated to the new film, he answered questions of interest to viewers along with producers Shannon McIntosh and David Heyman. The question about the fight scene, of course, could not be avoided.

The director admitted that maybe he exaggerated, but the goal of showing Bruce was not bad. In his defense, Tarantino said that in life Bruce Lee could really be arrogant. Everyone is outraged that Bruce never said that he could beat Muhammad Ali. But I heard he said it! Quentin said.

The main aspect of the scene Tarantino called the fictional character of Cliff Booth. Nobody says that Brad Pitt could ever beat Bruce Lee. This is what you should pay attention to. Before the climax of the conflict, Bruce reveals that he enjoys fighting and real fighters. This episode just serves as proof that it is the fictional character Cliff Booth who is a true warrior, he fights for real and not in vain occupies one of the key, even fateful positions in the film.

Bruce Lee’s Fight in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood...Tarantino’s Mistake?

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