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Bring back my 2007. What Russian athletes looked like in the 2000s

Sometimes it seems that the era of the 2000s was very recent, and 2007 was just a few years ago. But time flies at an amazing speed, and with it the representatives of Russian sports are changing: current and former athletes, their spouses, brand ambassadors and major events. We remember how these people looked before and what has changed in their lives since then.

Fedor Smolov

Thirteen years ago Smolov lived almost the same way: football, social events and endless parties. Is that the bangs were longer. But seriously, it was in 2007 that Fedor made his debut in the Premier League, playing for Dynamo Moscow, and became the club's youngest player in the Russian championships.

Alexander Kokorin

Previously, the Zenith striker also preferred long hair. In 2007, he played for the youth team of Lokomotiv and hardly imagined the public outcry that his drunken actions would produce in more than ten years.

Alexander Kerzhakov

In this frame, another player representing the Russian national team, Kerzhakov, joined Smolov and Kokorin. Currently, only Fedor remained in its composition. In the decade before last, Alexander was clearly more carefree and several kilograms less. Now the ex-footballer is engaged in coaching.

Anastasia Volochkova

This photo was probably taken before 2000. On it, the former ballerina and dancer of the Bolshoi Theater is beautiful, natural and a little mysterious. By the way, she received an invitation to the main stage of our country already in 1998. Choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev invited her to play the role of the Swan Princess in his production of Swan Lake.

And these pictures already more reflect Volochkova's public image, bright and shocking. She entered the 2000s motley, judging by the outfits, and still sad, if we recall the turns in her career. In 2003, Anastasia was officially dismissed from the Bolshoi Theater troupe. The formal reason is non-compliance with the physical form requirements.

Marat Safin

Now you will hardly see a tennis player and former first racket of the world withoutooze. And with the designer Dasha Zhukova, he has not been in a relationship for a long time. Although Safin's fans were happy about their romance, because the athlete's unstable game finally began to find equilibrium.

Being paired with actress Elena Korikova, Marat grew his hair for some time and gathered it into a small bun. But already in this photo, taken exactly before 2008 (then the young people broke up), the tennis player is closest to his usual style. True, Safin has now noticeably recovered.

Bring back my 2007. What Russian athletes looked like in the 2000s

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Bring back my 2007. What Russian athletes looked like in the 2000s

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Alexander Ovechkin

The Washington Capitals striker looked almost the same 13 years ago as he does now. It seems that the hockey player is not going to grow old at all, except for the gray hair that has appeared. Zero became a turning point for Alexander: in 2005, the athlete moved to an American club, made his debut in the NHL and subsequently moved to the States. In this photo, Ovechkin hugs ex-girlfriend - model Valeria Sokolova. Now the hockey player has been happily married to his beloved Anastasia for two years.

Anastasia Tukmacheva

Anastasia came to serious sports not so long ago. The girl develops a fitness blog, maintains a channel on YouYube, represents Reebok and is engaged in triathlon: she conquered the IRONMAN 70.3 distance. Sometimes time changes people beyond recognition, but in the case of Tukmacheva, this is not the case. For 13 years, the athlete has not experimented with the appearance.

Andrey Arshavin

The former captain of the Russian national football team hasn't changed much in appearance either. But after 2007, many events took place in his career, as well as in his personal life: the transition to the London Arsenal, and then to Zenit, Kuban and even Kazakhstan's Kairat. The athlete divorced Yulia Baranovskaya in 2013, and, unfortunately, the couple's separation was not peaceful.

Laysan Utyasheva

In 2007, the European champion in rhythmic gymnastics was just starting work on television as a co-host of the Main Road program. A year earlier, the girl seriously injured her knee in training, after which she Then Laysan looked almost the same as now: she also loved to wear stylish dresses and pull her hair into a ponytail.

Bring back my 2007. What Russian athletes looked like in the 2000s

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Bring back my 2007. What Russian athletes looked like in the 2000s

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Pavel Pogrebnyak

In the 2000s, Pavel first started playing for the main football team Spartacus. Having played in it for three years, the athlete changed many teams: from German Stuttgart to our Urals. But Pogrebnyak's personal life is a completely different story. They have known their wife Maria from school and remain together to this day.

Football player, apparently resists the power of time and practically does not change visually. But we saw his wife in different images, and sometimes in completely unsuccessful ones. Now, of course, Maria looks much better.

Alana Mamaeva

In 2007, Alana probably did not think that she would become the wife of footballer Pavel Mamaev. Judging by the old photos, it's safe to say that for 13 years the girl managed to work on her appearance. She has noticeably lost weight and, most likely, resorted to correcting some facial features with fillers.

Victoria Lopyreva

It is almost impossible to recognize Victoria in this frame, because with the same only blonde hair ties her in this way. Since the 2000s, Lopyreva has greatly recovered, then lost weight and corrected her facial features. But training for weight loss isn't her only connection to sports. The girl has been the FIFA Ambassador since 2017, and her great passion for football began back in 2008. Then she became the co-host of Georgy Cherdantsev in the Football Night program.

Anna Semenovich

Semenovich is practically not associated with professional sports, although from the age of three she was engaged in figure skating and by the end of her career she had achieved the title of international master of sports. And their duet with Roman Kostomarov was considered the second most powerful among Russian duet after the pair of Irina Lobacheva and Ilya Averbukh.

Over the years, Anna has changed her red hair color to blond, has noticeably gained weight and, frankly, began to attract the attention of viewers with her forms.

Bring back my 2007. What Russian athletes looked like in the 2000s

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