Exercise Science: How your fitness progresses over time (cycling tips)

Breakthrough sports science to help you train effectively

Time always brings adjustments to different aspects of human life, and fitness is no exception. A number of familiar ideas about training have long been untrue. It's time to take a step towards discoveries and feel the power of modern science. We are talking about sports breakthroughs that will make your workouts as effective as possible and help to pump your whole body in high quality.

Plyometrics warm-up

Modernity offers athletes a large number of innovations that previously seemed absurd. We have become much smarter and more informed than many years ago. Practicing trainers and researchers are gradually beginning to come to a consensus on which training postulates really work and which do not - these words of professional trainer Bill Hartman once again prove that the world does not stand still.

Breakthrough sports science to help you train effectively

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You may have heard many times that stretching before leg workouts is essential. However, let's turn to science. There is a good reason why sprinters do a few jumps before getting into the starting blocks. Plyometrics affects the functioning of the central nervous system, which contributes to the activation of muscle fibers. This process is called post-activation potentiation. Fitness experts see it as the path to strength both in and out of the gym.

A lot of research has shown that consistent plyometrics warm-up increases not only jump height, but also barbell squat weight by 5 -7 kilograms.

Breakthrough sports science to help you train effectively

Other sports. Skiing - everything is at your feet!

Becoming a world skipping champion is easy: you just need to pick up a rope. And jump over it at a speed of six times per second.

Light weight gives the best effect

Many fitness enthusiasts believe that high weight and low repetitions will lead to rapid growth muscle mass. However, science refutes this fact. A study in the reputable Journal of Applied Physiology found that an easy workout format - 3 sets of 30 reps - has the same effect as a classic set of 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Breakthrough sports science to help you train effectively

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And the Irishman will teach you how to put the block.

Well-known trainer and author of the book Man: version 2.0 John Romanello also shared his opinion: as long as your muscles in one way or another reach fatigue, they will grow! And some muscles, for example, quads or calves, in principle, respond much better to multi-repetitive training.

Moreover, an easy training format protects you from injury.

Breakthrough sports science to help you train effectively

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No training until you lose consciousness

Training to the limit - it seemed the key to the success of any athlete.But sports science conflicts with this proposition.Martin Rooney, coach and manager of Training for Warriors believes that when a person trains to wear and tear, it inevitably becomes less effective. The reason for this is the loss of control over technique.

Therefore, you should not leave the gym completely exhausted every time. It is necessary to determine for yourself the dosage of the load, at which the results are already noticeable, and the risks are practically absent.

Breakthrough sports science to help you train effectively

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Simple equipment will make your workouts even more effective.

Training with weight transfer

Many athletes are well prepared, h To lift a solid weight. However, when asked to carry an identical load, difficulties arise. This is because carrying weights simultaneously tests your strength, coordination, grip strength, and whole body power. Stuart McGill, a respected spine health professional, believes that exercise like a farm walk is especially important for fitness and well-being. So it's worth incorporating this exercise into your training plan. Take one heavy kettlebell or dumbbell and walk forward for 30-75 seconds without stopping. This way you can do great work on your obliques, glutes and forearms.

Breakthrough sports science to help you train effectively

5x5 training system. Mass Gain Workout

A simple and highly effective training scheme.

Rest during exercise

Undoubtedly, everyone's recovery abilities are different. Someone is used to constant loads for several hours, while someone prefers a short, but high-quality workout. A recent study by Brazilian scientists showed that different categories of people require different lengths of pauses between sets for the best result. A well-chosen rest interval will increase efficiency, especially in circuit training.

Rachel Cosgrove, owner and trainer of Result Fitness in California, recommends using a personal heart rate monitor at all times to determine the optimal pause between sets. By measuring your heart rate, you can see exactly when your workout is most beneficial and how much time you need to rest.

Breakthrough sports science to help you train effectively

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Breakthrough sports science to help you train effectively

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Whatever the goal, without it, you are unlikely to achieve the desired result.

Emphasis on quality muscle development

Many novice athletes are convinced that muscle will grow if each set is performed to failure. True, Jim Smith, a certified trainer and owner of the Diesel Strength & Conditioning club, says the following in this regard: Do not expect positive changes from negative actions. If you know for sure that the next repetition will turn out to be too slow, you will begin to sausage and shake under the barbell, then feel free to complete the approach. This will ensure yourself a better recovery and, in addition, reduce the risk of injury.

It's hard to disagree with the instructor's words. It is worth concluding that training is beneficial and effective if you focus on technique rather than reps and muscle soreness.

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