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Break up the atmosphere: dance styles you can learn at home

There are many ways to stay in good shape, and you don't have to do it with regular workouts. If numerous squats and plank challenges start to bore you, do not rush to give up physical activity. Try dancing instead of your routine! Creativity, interesting movements and music not only diversify the sports routine in quarantine, but also will not allow all the muscles of the body to relax.

What are the advantages of dance training?

If you temporarily discard the creative component of dancing , then such activity is an effective method of losing weight and keeping the body in good shape. Vigorous movement burns calories, builds endurance and strengthens muscles as well as functional training. And some styles require good stretching. Therefore, your hobby for dancing can motivate you to further work on body flexibility, because we all want to look harmonious and beautiful.

Break up the atmosphere: dance styles you can learn at home

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In contrast to the usual workouts, dance exercises greatly enrich us emotionally. They provide an opportunity to feel the music, learn to hear the rhythm, control your own body and recharge your batteries. In addition, creative activity allows us to express ourselves through movement and, importantly, to increase self-esteem by monitoring our own progress.

Break up the atmosphere: dance styles you can learn at home

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Break up the atmosphere: dance styles you can learn at home

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What dance styles can you learn at home?

No equipment or special equipment is required to practice dancing. Therefore, you can learn almost any modern style at home: it all depends on your desire and level of training.


Hip-hop originated on the streets cities as a whole culture, but now this style is freely studied in all dance studios. Movements in it are accompanied by music of the same name.

Despite the fact that many consider hip-hop to be brutal and daring, it has many directions that are independent in themselves. Of course, each of them contains kach - the main element of the dance - and amplitude movements. But if in a branch like krump these components are seasoned with aggression, in lyric hip-hop they are smoothed with mood.

Hip-hop will teach you to feel the freedom of movement, to feel their springiness. Because of its fast pace, hip-hop perfectly strengthens the cardiovascular system and pumps the muscles of the arms, legs, shoulder girdle and core.


It can be described in one word - shocking. Vogue is based on model poses and catwalk gait. This style actively uses the hands. They need to constantly perform fast, rigid and sometimes geometric movements, which will not immediately begin to work. They engage all muscles from the shoulders to the fingertips. In addition, the dance includes elements of hip-hop and acrobatics. So for the effect Wow! we also have to work on the stretch.

If you are not attracted to vogue in its pure form, its elements can be combined with other styles of dance. For example, it will look quite harmonious with African and Latin motifs.

Break up the atmosphere: dance styles you can learn at home

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Break up the atmosphere: dance styles you can learn at home

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By name it is easy to guess that the idea of ​​dance is to experiment with music, your own movements and emotions, as well as the space around. The main distinguishing feature of the experimental is the absence of certain rules and a base. Therefore, each dancer can create his own dance style, improvise.

However, in order to learn how to improvise beautifully, it is important to own your own body at a high level - in an unprepared form, it is extremely stubborn. To do this, you need to practice regularly, strengthen and feel the muscles, develop flexibility and stretching.

High Heels

Translated into Russian - dance in heels. The ability to move on them is the basis of the entire direction. The style may seem light and casual in appearance, but the presence of shoes doubles the load on the muscles of the legs and core, as they help maintain balance.

High Heels combines movements from different directions: from funny and incendiary go-go to campy and expressive jazz-funk. All this together results in an energetic and beautiful dance. But if you wish, you can also perform a lyrical number on heels.

Break up the atmosphere: dance styles you can learn at home

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