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Boxing for beginners: how to master basic techniques at home

Self-isolation is a great opportunity to experiment and master new sports techniques. So you can not only diversify the already existing lesson plan so that it does not get bored, but also just get acquainted with the training process. After all, it is much more interesting to start it with non-standard types of training than with bored push-ups. Although to give credit, they work great too!

Boxing for beginners: how to master basic techniques at home

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Throughout the past month, the Championship went live on the official page in VKontakte in order to conduct free online trainings with you every morning. A considerable number of them included a variety of activities, from the usual cardio and strength training to football training and yoga.

The last training in our cycle was devoted to mastering basic boxing skills. It was conducted by an experienced athlete, world and European champion Grigory Drozd . Today he will help us understand the basics of this sport in more detail and how to start studying them at home. And we, in turn, share with you the recording of the last session. Broadcasts of all other activities are also saved in the community video album.

What's good about boxing at home and who is it for?

Boxing training is one of the most popular in the world of fitness, and they are in demand as among men and women. Such activities, contrary to the potentially erroneous opinion, are far from narrowly focused. They are suitable even for beginners and develop coordination, endurance, thinking and, in some moments, speed. In addition, the basics of boxing can be mastered at home, because for this you need a minimum inventory: a gymnastic rug and dumbbells 500 grams each.

Gregory: Homework will definitely help keep the body in good shape, improve overall shape and muscle strength. You will master the basic striking technique, this will be a good load on those muscles that are involved in the exercises. This is a low heart rate workout with very low intensity. Therefore, if there are no contraindications to physical education, then training is suitable for everyone.

Boxing for beginners: how to master basic techniques at home

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Basic scheme of home training

Boxing should traditionally begin with a warm-up for all muscle groups, but pay special attention to the shoulder girdle. He will be most actively involved in the training.

Gregory: The training is aimed at the upper shoulder girdle, deltas, arms, chest and partially hips. It includes about 11-12 blocks, packThe feelings are similar to each other, but nevertheless they are different. Basically, everyone is aimed at the basic technique of strikes in boxing: they are either lead-in or basic, which lead striking techniques in boxing.

Boxing for beginners: how to master basic techniques at home


The Championship training includes various exercises that are performed in rounds. While all movements are fairly straightforward, there are potential mistakes you can make due to lack of experience. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the position of the legs, head, body, elbows, hands and the position of the shoulder at the moment of impact. It is equally important to maintain proper balance of the whole body. And to make it easier to notice your own shortcomings, our expert advises to practice in front of a mirror.

After the main part of the workout, it is recommended to perform a standard cool down, stretching, breathing exercises - they can be done while sitting or lying on the floor. This will help the body recover from exercise faster. You can also take a contrast shower or massage if you wish.

Boxing for beginners: how to master basic techniques at home

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Progression and first results

If you exercise regularly, then over time the body gets used to the same loads. Therefore, it is better to periodically complicate your task or add variety to your training routine.

Boxing for beginners: how to master basic techniques at home


To add intensity to the session, the instructor advises to do the exercises faster and more often. Another great option is to gradually increase the time in the rounds from 1.2-2 to 3 minutes and try to make more punches. And another life hack will help to add variety, which requires more serious investments.

Gregory: You can hang up your inventory at home - a boxing bag - and hit it with gloves. This is another step in terms of quality and load. For progression, there are many lessons and techniques to offer. In general, they are similar, but if you train three times a week for a month, then you will already acquire skills and feel the results.

Boxing for beginners: how to master basic techniques at home

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It's nice to see progress in all your endeavors, but in sports, it is possible only if it is regular. Make boxing a constant hobby, and you will feel how your body, strength and even emotional state improve.

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