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Body positivity isn't just about being overweight. Successful bloggers have proven it

The body positive movement is one of the most resonant and controversial trends in recent years. The struggle for the right of every person to look the way he wants, without fear of public censure, is perceived with hostility by many supporters of traditional standards. Followers of body positivity are reproached for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and unwillingness to work on themselves.

However, accepting your body with all the flaws and shortcomings does not mean giving up training, being overweight or unkempt. Successful bloggers have declared war on stereotypes and by their own example they prove that through body positivity you can achieve an attractive appearance.

Body positivity isn't just about being overweight. Successful bloggers have proven it

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It turns out that you can train for wear and not lose weight!

How blogger Sasha Mitroshina gained an ideal figure through bodypositive

For many years, society has cultivated the opinion that it is possible to put oneself in order only through work, pain and overcoming. Many weight loss methods make a person hate their imperfect body, but this motivation is not suitable for everyone. More often people are afraid of difficulties and refuse to train, acquiring more and more new complexes. Bodypositive offers an alternative - to love your figure and train for pleasure.

2.7 million people follow the life of the popular blogger Sasha Mitroshina. A significant part of her publications are devoted to the problems of the pursuit of imposed standards. Since childhood, the girl was engaged in karate and did not experience problems with being overweight, but at the age of 19, against the background of stress, she went on a strict diet. Then there was a breakdown, a sharp increase in kilograms, again serious restrictions on food and grueling training. Sasha was familiar with the ideas of body positivity, but for a long time could not apply them to herself - the template that every girl should be slim was too strong.

Internal harmony and wellbeing came to Mitroshina with the understanding that cultural clichés and imposed standards of beauty suppress its inner potential. Over time, the girl switched to intuitive nutrition, which advises to listen to her own body and ask herself before each meal: What do I want? and How will I feel after that ?.

Six months after the change of priorities and self-acceptance Mitroshina returned to training, but changed the approach to training. Daily runs of 6-10 km, which did not bring pleasure, were replaced by three strength training per week. Complex exercises with barbells and dumbbells are not suitable for everyone, but Sasha does not insist on them. She is convinced that it is necessary to choose the type of physical activity that is not depressing and brings satisfaction.flattery. As the blogger admits, she fell in love with the gym because she was getting high and did not strive for a specific result at any cost.

Deviation in the other direction. Too thin Anya Protasova

The example of Anna Protasova speaks of the fact that body positive is not only about people in the body enjoying their own completeness. It was Sasha Mitroshina who inspired the career of a blogger of a dentist from Belarus. Now Anya, known on the Internet as reira_reira, has over 3 million subscribers.

Much of this popularity was facilitated by a frank story about the experience of dealing with anorexia and a difficult recovery from an illness. Now Anna weighs 45 kg with a height of 164 cm. The girl accepted her thinness and does not seek to gain mass, but at the same time she is actively engaged in crossfit and tries to make her body more prominent. Anna also teaches her subscribers to cope with complexes about low weight and small breasts.

How Tusya from the village became famous thanks to her body positivity

A young blogger from the village named Tusya faced similar problems. The girl independently coped with an eating disorder, gained 16 kg in a year and is now actively promoting the idea of ​​body positive to the masses.

This is how a young blogger with an audience of 1 million subscribers openly declares, and her project With me, everything resonated in the Internet. Tusya opposes grueling workouts, but keeps fit through yoga.

No embellishment. Honest Tanya Mint

Positive fitness blogger Tatiana Mint is actively involved in sports and calls herself a fitness influencer. The girl faced unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, suffered an eating disorder, but was able to accept herself and learn to exercise for pleasure. Tatiana captivates users with her sincerity and naturalness.

These girls have already inspired to go in for sports thousands of people who are complex because of non-compliance with generally accepted standards. Their example shows that loving yourself doesn't mean doing nothing.

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