5 Reasons to Train Full-Body Everyday

Body matter. What to do after exercising

So often after the most ordinary, seemingly, training, we feel very tired. What can be done to make recovery faster and more painless?

Step 1. Water procedures

After training, it is best to take a light warm shower. Do not listen to those who say that an ice bath is more effective. On the one hand, you cool down after heating and invigorate the body ... Now imagine what happens to a hot frying pan after pouring cold water over it? Likewise, your muscles will react to cold. After exercise, these procedures can cause heart problems. But (!) It is worth remembering that a hot shower is also bad, because a high temperature is just the same stress for the body, for the body, for the muscles. Speaking specifically about the muscles, then due to such procedures, they begin to grow more slowly. Therefore, in no case go to such extremes. Warm water of comfort temperature is what you need!

Body matter. What to do after exercising

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Step 2. Moisturizing

During sports, our body loses a lot of fluid. After an intense workout - running, gym or swimming in the pool - our body needs to be cleansed and hydrated. This is necessary not only to keep the skin looking healthy and toned, but above all to eliminate the natural dryness resulting from the sudden loss of fluid and make you feel comfortable. There is a stereotype that only women use such means, but this is not the case. For example, in the line of the NIVEA MAN brand there is a moisturizing cream , developed taking into account all the characteristics of men's skin. Remember that playing sports is stress for the body and after intense exertion your body needs hydration and recovery no less than you do.

Body matter. What to do after exercising

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Step 3. Carbohydrate window

In 20-30 minutes after training, there should be an abundant intake of protein and carbohydrate foods. Due to this, muscle growth will occur, otherwise the muscles will be destroyed. At this time, the metabolic window opens, when the body is actively consuming protein and carbohydrate foods for muscle recovery. Optimal post-workout nutrition is protein shake and cottage cheese, as it is considered the fastest-digesting protein, unlike, for example, meat. The body will spend a lot of time and energy on assimilation of meat, and after training it needs to immediately get the required amount of macronutrients.

Body matter. What to do after exercising

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