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Bloggers' Choice: Stylish Trending Sneakers in 2020

The rhythm of the city has long forced us to change not the most comfortable shoes for sneakers and sneakers. We have learned to combine them with anything and add to any image. Sports shoes are now made even more beautiful than the most elegant shoes or boots.

Today we learn about trendy and popular models from social networks. If you look at Instagram, you can see thousands of options for images with new or, conversely, classic sneaker models in unusual combinations. We have found six of the most popular models of 2020.

New Balance 530

You may have seen this model on the Instagram of stylists and fashion bloggers. New Balance took to the archives and reissued their famous couple in the spirit of the 2000s. Now almost no street-style photography can do without them. Well deserved it. The pair goes well with sporty looks, dilutes casual and even gives an accent flavor to strict outfits.

Price: from 10 thousand rubles

Nike Air Force 1

These sneakers have become so classic that they will probably never go out of fashion. It's 2020, and we're again talking about a model who burst into the shows straight from the basketball courts in 1982. The leather version looks great in white, looks neat on the leg and becomes a base in any shoe wardrobe.

Price: from 8 thousand rubles

High-top Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

Another basketball beauties entered the world of street fashion. Today these sneakers are worn by stylists, fashion editors, bloggers, celebrities. These shoes have many combinations. For example, you can create a romantic look with a skirt or dress, relaxed with jeans, or, again, add a sporty detail to a classic look.

Price: from 5 thousand rubles

Gucci Tennis 1977

When Alessandro Michele studied the archives of the Italian fashion house , in his head the idea was born to restart the retro model Gucci Tennis 1977. To be honest, it was a great idea! This unisex model is available in seven variations: three basic (black, beige and turquoise) in canvas, three with the signature GG monogram and another brown model with a monogram and a Mickey Mouse print. It looks very stylish.

Price: from 40 thousand rubles

Oversized Alexander McQueen

This season has seen many examples of chunky platform shoes. Such models are still in trend. One of the most comfortable, practical and popular is from Alexander McQueen. A winning combination - with jeans and, for example, a classic jacket, or in a total denim bow. This is what bloggers use.

Price: from 29 thousand rubles

Vans Old Skool

The classic old school skate shoe, textile upper and recognizable white side stripe combine to make the Vans Old Skool unique. After all, how else could she stay at the top of popularity for so many years?

Price: from 4 thousand rubles

Sneakers have successfully taken root in street fashion and today, even in combination with dresses, do not look as unusual as they did 10 years ago. Feel free to experiment and add unusual sports elements to your classic looks in the form of bright or chunky shoes. Well, don't forget about retro - while the designers are sorting through the archives, it might be worth going through the attic?

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