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Bigorexia, or the Adonis complex: how not to pump in the gym

Today, more and more attention is paid to disorders associated with the perception of a person's body. These include eating disorders and various types of body dysmorphophobia - an obsession with a specific physical feature. Perhaps the most popular disorder that everyone has heard of at least once is anorexia. It is believed that women are more inclined towards it. However, few people know about her male version - bigorexia, which many men face, unaware of it. Together with the wellness coach and expert of the Championship, Andrey Semeshov, we understand what bigorexia is and where it comes from.

Adonis complex: what is bigorexia

Bigorexia, or muscle dysmorphia, is one of the types of body dysmorphophobia, in which a person is overly concerned about any defect or feature of his body. This particular mental disorder manifests itself in an unhealthy desire to build as much muscle as possible. It is also called reverse anorexia, megarexia, or the Adonis complex - after the ancient Greek god, who was particularly beautiful.

People suffering from bigorexia are constantly preoccupied with the thought that they are not muscular enough, not big enough. If in anorexia a person considers himself too large, then in this disorder he perceives himself as small and thin, regardless of his actual size.

Bigorexia, or the Adonis complex: how not to pump in the gym


One of the external signs of bigorexia is large muscle mass: a huge body, as if photoshopped relief muscles. Because of what some people, by default, believe that all rocking men are susceptible to this disorder. However, bigorexia should not be confused with bodybuilding. In the case of the Adonis complex, it is not so much the physical as the psychological state. The problem here is not in the muscles, but in the head.

Andrey: When the desire to pump up becomes the most important occupation in life, for the sake of which both work and relationships with relatives and loved ones, there is reason to be wary.

As the trainer notes, there is a big difference between bodybuilders and those who train exclusively for themselves. It's one thing for a man to work out hard and eat at the alarm clock, because muscles are his main source of income, and keeping himself in perfect shape is his job. And it’s quite different when a person spends all his free time in the gym, moves away from family and friends, begins to live in a vicious circle of training-food-sleep.

Bigorexia, or the Adonis complex: how not to pump in the gym


What is the cause of bigorexia?

Today, one of the reasons more and more men face muscle dysmorphia are stereotypes ... Popularized ideas about what a real man should be are often based on the figures of professional bodybuilders and are far from real healthy parameters. It can be assumed that fashion nand a large, muscular body was once set by such actors as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude van Damme, then Dwayne Johnson, and now their traditions are continued by Haftor Björnsson (Game of Thrones) and Martin Ford (Vikings).

Bigorexia, or the Adonis complex: how not to pump in the gym

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

He visits the gym every day to to achieve a suitable shape for each next film.

The problem of distorted masculinity and, as a result, bigorexia in the XXI century has become especially relevant. For example, in 2005, a team of researchers at Midwestern Wichita State University, Southeastern Louisiana University, and West Virginia School of Medicine analyzed how children's toys have changed over the past 25 years. The study showed that modern play figures - Kenes, soldiers, superheroes - are larger and more muscular than their predecessors, and many of them have such muscles that in reality cannot be built up even with the help of steroids.

The situation with bigorexia is aggravated and the increasingly popular superhero films. Compared to rocking actors like Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill, anyone can feel frail and not powerful enough.

Bigorexia, or the Adonis complex: how not to pump in the gym

Thor's power. How Chris Hemsworth trained to become a superhero Uncontrollable craving for the gym and strict nutrition are not the worst manifestations of bigorexia. For some men, the results that can be achieved naturally are not enough. In this case, they turn to steroids, anabolic steroids and other dubious life hacks. Kirill Teryoshin, better known on the web as Ruki-Bazookas, did the same.

Teryoshin , like many others, he started by going to the gym, but probably wanted to get a quick and visual result - and started injecting himself with synthol. On one of the TV shows, in which Ruki-Bazuki starred in 2018, he said that he had injected more than six liters of the drug.

Synthol is a mixture of oil and anesthetic substances: it is injected deep into the muscle, where it spreads between the fiber ligaments, and with repeated injections the volume of oil grows and increases the muscle.

As a result, Kirill's hands really reached enormous proportions. One of the photos on his Instagram shows that the bicep girth is 62 cm.

Such experiments are good for healthaffect negatively. Teryoshin has already announced several times that he is going to get rid of the bazooka hands: pump out synthol, remove deformed muscles, and return to normal. Both doctors and followers on Instagram (of which he has more than four hundred thousand) urged Kirill to stop the senseless race for volumes. But, despite the rumors about the operation to remove the biceps, it seems that the guy is not going to stop. Each subsequent complication - inflammation, worsening health, numbness of hands - he used as another way to remind of himself. And if now Kirill does it for the sake of hype, then in the beginning, most likely, it was not without bigorexia.

Bigorexia, or the Adonis complex: how not to pump in the gym

Bazooka hands disappeared , but the consequences remained. Mother feeds Teryoshin from a spoon

The blogger decided to have surgery to remove the famous biceps, but now suffers no less.

Bigorexia occurs in almost everyone

The causes of bigorexia can be found in the ever-increasing level of stress, and in childhood trauma - it is difficult to give an unequivocal answer to the question of why this disorder occurs. But wellness coach Andrei Semeshov is sure: in one form or another, dissatisfaction with their muscle volume occurs in everyone who has been in the gym for more than three or four years.

Andrey: If according to Chekhov Since a Russian person always lacks one more room and a hundred rubles, then a regular rocking chair will always have a desire to build up a couple more centimeters for biceps and throw meat on the back and shoulders.

Someone can cope with the situation, and the desire to gain mass does not turn into a mania. However, there are those for whom the pursuit of ideal form becomes the only goal and crowds out all other areas of life. At first, everything is not so scary, but over time, dissatisfaction with oneself will only grow, Andrei assures.

Bigorexia, or the Adonis complex: how not to pump in the gym


Andrey: The search for the right path begins, which pretty soon leads to dealers of anabolic steroids and other drugs. Moreover, these drugs are often used in dosages that make even the holders of the title of Mr. Olympia amaze.

If a person notices such an obsession, because of which, obviously, all other spheres of life are sagging, the best way out is to contact a psychologist. However, it is often difficult for people to see the real picture and assess the seriousness of the situation. In addition, not everyone will be able to admit that he really needs the help of a specialist. In this case, you can try to cope on your own.

Andrey: Large muscles will not improve your health, social status, or relationships with the opposite sex. As the saying goes: And only after finally losing weight and pumping up her ass, she realized that men avoid her not because she is fat, but because a bitch. With a biceps of 50 centimeters, the story is exactly the same.

Kinks are not only negative, but alsoin the seemingly positive side - everything is good in moderation. Going to the gym should not turn into a mandatory execution, simply because it is necessary, and each workout should not end with the measurement of all volumes. Fitness is about health and moral rest, about muscle tone and well-being and, of course, about balance. Do not forget about this.

Bigorexia, or the Adonis complex: how not to pump in the gym

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Bigorexia, or the Adonis complex: how not to pump in the gym

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