Bieber had abs cubes, and I drank beer and sausages. How Ed Sheeran lost 25 kg

Briton with Irish roots Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular performers of the last decade. Last year he completed his world tour, during which he earned a record $ 775 million. He is known and loved all over the world. It would seem that a person has nothing to worry about at all.

However, Sheeran has long been plagued by problems with the way he looks. He even had to withstand a powerful wave of hate on social networks due to the fact that he does not have the abs, which are an indispensable attribute of modern show business stars. As a result, Ed had to take action.

Bieber had abs cubes, and I drank beer and sausages. How Ed Sheeran lost 25 kg

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I didn't train and drank beer

Already at the peak of popularity, having released a number of world hits, Ed received disapproving comments from subscribers, among whom were his friends. He was jokingly called Teddy-two portions for the fact that he ate a lot and practically did not engage in physical activity.

As a child, he loved to play football, but instead of a gate he constantly fell into the windows of neighboring houses. At some point, Sheeran began to doubt himself so much that he even refused to appear in his own videos. He didn't want to look at himself in the mirror, let alone the TV screen.

I wasn't insecure. But when others point out your flaws, the brain itself begins to fixate on them. My problem was that I went to a pub where I could eat mashed potatoes, pie, pudding, and drank beer and sausages. After that I didn't train. I wasn't in the first three or four videos. I was about the same age as the guys from One Direction and Justin Bieber. They and Justin Bieber had abs cubes, and I wondered if it should look the same.

Thought that all my clothes just shrank when washing

He first set out to lose weight back in 2016. A year earlier, Sheeran announced that he was going to take a break in his career. He needed rest after a huge number of concerts.

First, he fulfilled his dream, having worked for several months as a salesman in a thrift store in his hometown, and then went on a long-awaited journey. Ed traveled to a bunch of countries, went rafting, swam with sharks. This went on for almost a year. But, despite such activity, the singer has seriously put on weight.

It got to that that nothing could fit on me except sweatpants. I thought that all my clothes just shrunk in the wash, but they weren't. It was worth taking a break in your career likeI swelled like a balloon.

It was necessary to do something. Ed had to change his eating habits and give up fried foods for a while. But, according to Sheeran himself, the main reason was the rejection of beer. Then he managed to lose almost 20 kg, but after a few months the singer began to give himself one indulgence after another. And the problem is back.

Cycling and quitting smoking

Ed went on another world tour last year. Before it started, he weighed 100 kg, after finishing - 75-76. How did he manage to lose 25 kg in an endless series of concerts? I had to go back to proper nutrition again, although it was incredibly difficult to do it. Especially in the US, where every Sheeran dinner after the show consisted of chicken wings, fries and beer.

In addition, he began to engage in regular physical activity, fell in love with cycling, and every morning he started with a 45-minute jog in the fresh air and swimming in the pool. Ed loves to work out sometimes in the gym, but he values ​​outdoor activities above all else. And he likes cycling primarily because it allows him to be alone with his thoughts and distract from the hustle and bustle and routine.

When the world quarantine finally ends, Sheeran wants to go even further with her sports and run an entire marathon.

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