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Beyond Workout: Top Sports Trends Today

Back in the 80s of the last century, sportswear took a solid position in pop culture. People began to wear sneakers, loose T-shirts and sweatshirts not only during workouts, but also in everyday life. And musicians, actors, athletes and other public figures have made these things a stylish feature of the past era.

Beyond Workout: Top Sports Trends Today

Things from the past: what they wore in 80s and 90s

How fitness trends have moved beyond gyms and established themselves in everyday life.

Sportswear is currently breaking into trends with renewed vigor. She is preferred by the stars of show business, and designers and luxury brands fruitfully collaborate with outfitters to present joint collections. We tell you what trends are especially relevant now.

Joggers as an attribute of everyday image

While the world was in self-isolation, many of us began to dress so that, first of all, it was comfortable, and already then (if desired) beautifully.

Joggers are ideal in terms of convenience, because they were originally created for jogging - jogging. These trousers do not restrict movement, they hold securely to the ties and look very minimalistic - ideal for home, walking in cool weather and long trips. Not surprisingly, more and more joggers can be seen far from runners.

Massive sneakers from luxury brands

If previously sports shoes were created exclusively by equipment brands, now the situation has changed. Stylish sneakers and trainers can be found under the auspices of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga.

Trend the last seasons can be safely called a massive sole. More and more fashion houses are presenting shoes of impressive sizes. But this does not mean that you can only wear it with a tracksuit or a puffy jacket. As you can see, pairing large sneakers with a skirt is not a problem.

Beyond Workout: Top Sports Trends Today

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Models who moved from sports to fashion shows.

Tracksuits from the 80s at social events

If you step onto the red carpet in the so-called sportswear and an olympic jacket, then, most likely, you will not surprise anyone. Celebrities began to wear costumes even to social events.

Singer Rihanna, for example, has long been indifferent to a sporty style. Her wardrobe includes both the suits of luxury brands and those that she released in collaboration with Puma. The artist is not shy about experimenting and trying on bright accessories and high-heeled shoes for them, making unusualneat hairstyles and makeup.

Collaborations of famous designers and sports brands

It's not just champions and artists who collaborate with sports brands. The items produced in collaboration with famous fashion designers have won the hearts of buyers for a long time. For example, adidas is actively collaborating with Jeremy Scott, and Nike with design head of Off-White and Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh.

In 2017 Virgil signed a contract with the brand and promised to remake ten iconic models in his own way. Among them were the legendary Air Jordan 1, Hyperdunk and Air Max 97, as well as the running giants Zoom VaporFly.

Beyond Workout: Top Sports Trends Today

Sportswear, design which was invented by Russian stars

Stylish collaborations of brands and celebrities.

Cycling shorts from the 90s and crop tops are back in fashion

About fashion on bicycles started talking again three years ago. Then their main adherents were girls from the Kardashian-Jenner family, who wore tight-fitting shorts with anything: from sweatshirts to strict jackets. Why did we say again? Yes, because this piece of equipment was introduced into everyday style by Princess Diana herself. By the way, model Hailey Bieber just repeats her image in the photo for Parisian Vogue.

Crop tops, which girls used to wear in training, have also gone beyond sports. Now a cropped T-shirt or T-shirt is worn under denim jackets, shirts and even fur coats - why not?

Celebrities and doctors choose crocs

Crocs wearing Ariana Grande first appeared in 2002. Their creators - three friends from Colorado - decided to work together to develop a new yachting and sailing shoe that would not slip on wet floors. However, the very first 200 pairs of rubber low boots made a splash and were sold out in a few hours.

Now they wear crocs around the city, walk in nature, but they have become especially popular among medical workers. Doctors and nurses wear them in hospitals as interchangeable shoes.

Beyond Workout: Top Sports Trends Today

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They sacrifice their own health to save others.

Belt bags are not just about sports

bags and bananas used to be associated exclusively with sports. You could put everything you need in them and go for a jog or a bike ride. Now their variety is so great that we find fabric, leather and even protransparent plastic bags. Fashion houses such as Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana joined the trend for a practical accessory.

It seems that in the modern world, sports and the fashion industry really go hand in hand. But whatever the new collections of brands, we know for sure that such clothes have won the love of customers primarily due to their convenience and functionality.

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