10 Exercises & Lifts You Should NEVER do. Harmful. Dangerous.

Better not take risks: 10 dangerous exercises in the gym

In fitness, there are exercises that put too much stress on the body. If done incorrectly, at best, you will be wasting time, and at worst, you will leave the gym crippled. Therefore, such activities should be avoided or started with great caution. Most of the dangerous exercises involve free weights.

The overhead press

The overhead press is an exercise for training the shoulders. At the bottom, our elbows are in an unnatural position and overwhelmed. And if we work with a lot of weight, then the muscles are easily injured. This exercise is dangerous for the shoulder joints.

Better not take risks: 10 dangerous exercises in the gym

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French bench press

The French bench press is very popular with gym goers and is good for working out the triceps. But it is dangerous, and often athletes experience inflammation in the area of ​​the elbow joints. You don't need to chase heavy weights in this exercise. It is better to do it with less weight, but with high quality.

Barbell Squats

Squats are a powerful exercise for developing leg muscles. It has a positive effect on overall body weight gain and develops quadriceps well. But many athletes bypass it for fear of injury. Squats primarily require proper technique, otherwise there is a risk of injury to your back or knees.

Better not take risks: 10 dangerous exercises in the gym

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Forward Bends with a Barbell (Good Morning)

Forward Bends with a barbell strengthens the lower back well, engages the glutes and hamstrings. But now this exercise is rarely seen in gyms due to its trauma. It is dangerous in terms of axial load. If done incorrectly, the lumbar spine may suffer. For back pain, it is better to avoid bending with weight altogether.

Leg press in the simulator

This exercise works well the muscles of the legs: it affects the hips, quads and buttocks. But if done incorrectly, there is a risk of injury to the knees or lower back. Try to firmly press your pelvis to the machine and do not lower the platform too low so that the technique is not disturbed.

Better not take risks: 10 dangerous exercises in the gym

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Floor deadlifts

The floor deadlift may be the most effective back exercise. But at the same time it is one of the most dangerous and unpleasant.

Its benefit lies in the fact that it contributes to the rapid build-up of muscle mass. The deadlift is carried out with weight, so you should be extremely careful when approaching it.about. Poor warm-up, crooked technique and abrupt movements during exercise can lead to a ripped lower back. Often the cause of pain is the rounding of the back during weight lifting. Improper grip can be another cause of lumbar injury. Better to use classic or shoulder straps.

Better not take risks: 10 dangerous exercises in the gym

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Top block pull behind the head

This exercise is aimed at working out the broadest muscles of the back. Unfortunately, the trauma of such training is high, since a breaking load is created due to the incorrect position of the shoulders. But if you approach the exercise with the right technique, then problems can be avoided. There are a few rules to follow: do not let go of the handle too low, and also do not grip the bar too wide.

Barbell pull to the chin

The barbell pull to the chin is, on the one hand, excellent basic shoulder exercise that can give them volume and shape. On the other hand, he is the vice-champion in the creation of shoulder girdle injuries, perhaps second only to the barbell press from behind the head. The reason for this is the pressure of the scapula on the capsule of the shoulder joint when the arm is lifted up. There are two ways to avoid unpleasant injury:

  • It is necessary to warm up the shoulder muscles well , which will increase the result in all pressing exercises.
  • You don't need to use a lot of weight in the broach with a narrow grip. You can do 12-15 repetitions for pumping deltas, and the exercise will return.
Better not take risks: 10 dangerous exercises in the gym

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Leg extension in the simulator

This is an isolated exercise aimed at developing the muscles of the legs. The front of the thigh is mainly involved. But you need to understand that leg extension in the simulator is extremely traumatic for your knees. Cruciate ligaments are especially at risk, and this is already serious.

Only a correct approach to implementation will help not to think about health problems. The correct weight must be set to handle the load without jerking. And it is important to remember that the knees should not form an acute angle when bending. This will only increase the stress on the joints - there will be a risk of injury.

Better not take risks: 10 dangerous exercises in the gym

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Negative Barbell Press

The last exercise on our list is not very popular, and in some gyms there is a layer of dust on the benches for it. The obvious disadvantage is the extreme risk. You can drop the barbell on your chest or even your neck. If you are alone in the gym, then you need to use small weights correctly, and also in no case allow the bar to swing. Amplitude motionThe training sessions are shorter and some athletes feel they cannot work their muscles this way. For this and other reasons, many people prefer to do push-ups on the uneven bars to pump the lower chest.

Better not take risks: 10 dangerous exercises in the gym

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By and large, many injuries in the gym come from carelessness and overconfidence. Exercise with the right technique and adequate weight selection can help prevent injury. And remember that there is always an alternative: the conditional deadlift from the floor can be replaced with a Romanian one. If you decide to do dangerous exercises, it is best to do them under the supervision of a trainer or an experienced friend. Do not forget to warm up and correctly select the working weight.

Moreover, the expert of the Championship, wellness coach Andrey Semeshov repeats more than once that it is often not a specific exercise, but a load that leads to injuries , during which unknown old injuries come out.

Andrey: In the fitness center we create such conditions for ourselves when the body has to literally start working. And then all sorts of unpleasant news surfaced. Let's say a person had a herniated disc, but he didn't even know about it. And then suddenly he began to do inclines with a barbell. And immediately shot in the back. But he has earned this hernia for himself not with a barbell, but with a long-term assiduous way of life.

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