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Beer yoga: your abs will love

It is quite possible that the phrase beer yoga will seem at least strange and funny to you. However, this is not a joke at all. This direction of yoga originated in the USA in 2014, and in Russia the first lesson was held in the spring of last year.

Berlin yoga coaches Emily and Jula decided to diversify the asanas that are familiar to many and opened the unusual BierYoga courses. They can successfully combine two of your favorite hobbies - a glass of craft and yoga. Both components of our studies are spiritual and bodily practices with a long history, the Germans write. Exercise uses open bottles of your favorite beer.

Beer yoga is fun but this is not a joke, the organizers say on their website. The idea of ​​creating beer yoga appeared at the famous American festival Burning Man. There, people practiced yoga after drinking a couple of glasses of beer. And, apparently, they were able to achieve samadhi.

The excitement that brings drinking beer can be successfully combined with exercise. This is an unusual, but extremely invigorating cocktail - this is how the authors of the course explain the benefits of such exercises.

Despite the fact that representatives of classical yoga are indignant, in many European countries the use of beer in exercise has long become a common practice. This is explained by the fact that yoga practice implies liberation and complete freedom from stereotypes.

In Russia, the famous fitness and yoga instructor Marina Vovchenko advocates for beer asanas. Beer hedonism, combined with the concentration that yoga gives, if not lead you to enlightenment, then at least give you an excellent opportunity to relax and spend time with pleasure and benefit - says the girl.

It was she who held the first beer yoga in our country, where yoga lovers met with lovers of intoxicating drink. And it is quite possible that they were the same people. Beer and yoga are a good combination for a Friday night. Let's see where this trend will lead.

The editors do not promote the use of strong alcoholic drinks and encourages wise drinking.

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