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Become human - my test of strength

From 29 to 30 September in Moscow, on the Krylatskoye rowing channel, the next stage of the fitness festival from Reebok was held - Become a Human. The Championship team once again took part in the festival, which, in addition to me (who participated for the first time), was represented by Nikita Kuzin and Daniil Borozdin.

He always comes back

There is an unspoken rule - if once sport has entered your life, then it will return to it and turn everything upside down. I have been involved in sports almost all my life. As a child, it was an ordinary yard, then professional football. After objective reasons, I still had to leave the sport and forget about it for a while. But recently he burst into my life again. The conditions that were created by Reebok made to stay in the comfort not only of experienced professionals, but also people with different levels of involvement in the fitness process. Instant motivation to overcome the subsequent challenges came from the general atmosphere that prevailed at the festival. Words cannot convey it, you can only feel it on yourself.

Nothing is more important than a team

Before the start of the race, I thought that the track would seem a relatively easy walk, but everything turned out exactly the opposite. The main feature of the race was teamwork and maintaining a single pace. One rope was issued for six people, to which the whole team had to hold on. If someone slowed down or ran faster, the general pace was lost, and the team immediately began to run out of steam. The track consisted of seven kilometers of total distance and 12 tests that were lined up along the track. If you followed all the conditions for completing the stage, then it still meant nothing. Apart from you, the whole team had to fulfill these conditions, one mistake - everyone was wrong.

From the first person

From 10 am Moscow time, the start time of the teams began. A friendly atmosphere reigned throughout the distance. The teams wished each other good luck, exchanged compliments and tried to cheer up. For the next hour and a half, our team spent time standing in a bar, overcoming a rope wall, moving logs, dragging a wheelbarrow loaded with iron chains - in general, they did everything possible to test their strength for strength. Personally, I ran out of them about the middle of the distance, but thanks to the motivation of the captain, I crossed the finish line with the team. But the most interesting thoughts usually come after the experienced event.


Immediately after the finish we received the coveted medals, the name of the festival and its date were engraved on them. A great way to forever capture in your memory the moment when you tested yourself for strength and you seemed to succeed (yes, yes, for me it was a test). After the ordinary ceremonies, when you leave the territory of the festival, you begin to sort out thoughts in your head and think about the topic: What should you do in order to overcome such a distance again? And overcome it in such a way as to run from beginning to end. Don't pause, do not put the team in an uncomfortable position. In general, summing up everything that is happening - the name of the festival was clearly reflected in people. Someone threw out an almost full pack of cigarettes right at the exit (I was among them), someone thoughtfully looked into the already sunny Moscow sky. The main question is - did you manage to become a human? Definitely yes!

Stop Testing Your Strength. Start Building It. (ft. Tony Gentilcore)

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