The ONLY 7 Exercises You Need for Mass

Become a Rock: Top 7 Best Exercises for a Real Man

Dwayne Johnson first appeared on the arena of world wrestling in 1996, and since then he has been tirelessly training without slowing down. However, he starred in more than 40 films. Recently, the movie "Skyscraper" was released, in which the Rock, as always, shows the audience its excellent physical shape.

About the film: To work in the most technologically advanced skyscraper in the world requires a truly extraordinary personality. Only an expert with out-of-the-box thinking and nerves of steel can ensure safety on all 240 floors. After all, any emergency at an extreme height turns each step into an impossible mission. Watch the trailer.

Dwayne Johnson's Top 7 Favorite Exercises

  • Running. Everything elementary is simple, therefore, among the most favorite exercises of the Rocks - regular running (on the street or on the track). Every day, Dwayne Johnson gets up at 4 a.m. and goes on an intense 40-50 minute run. It helps him to cheer up and set the mood for the whole day.
  • Pit Shark Completes The Rock's Legs Exercise with a Pit Shark : Johnson does 3 sets of 15 reps at 400 lbs. The break between sets is 10 seconds. The last 10 seconds are the hardest exercises, but Duane says they are the most productive.
  • Push-ups. A simple exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere, and you don't even need to sign up for the gym - 4 sets to muscle failure.
  • Back squats. Dwayne Johnson has undergone five knee surgeries, emergency hernia surgery, heel rupture and other leg injuries in his life, so he approaches his lower body workout carefully and seriously. In the gym, Skala does 4 sets of 12 reps of this exercise.
  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps while standing. Hands are an important part, which takes a lot of time for the Rock to train. The main thing is to get the most out of yourself and go to rest with a clear conscience.
  • Pull-ups on the horizontal bar. Yes, even Rock Johnson himself does an exercise that you can do in any yard where there is a horizontal bar. Rock does this exercise with heavy chains to put additional strain on the neck, but he claims it is optional.
  • Seated Pulldown. This exercise helps to engage the entire upper muscle group. 4 sets of 12 reps.

NHere are some basic rules that Duane Jones shares with social media users:

  • Get the most out of yourself. The important thing is right, without which, according to the Rock, there will be no result. Squeeze it out and forget about the gym until next time.
  • Cheat on food. Johnson actively uses the cheat meal method in his diet - eat right six days a week in accordance with a workout plan, and once a week arrange a marathon of eating whatever you want. This way, you will reassure your body that you are not undernourished and do not need to store excess fat in reserve.
  • Free time for yourself. Dwayne Johnson is a world famous actor. Where does he find so much time for training? The answer is simple - he sleeps less. Every day, the Skala gets up at 4 in the morning to have time to work out and have breakfast before sunrise. Can I go to the cinema in the evening? For example, for the new film Skyscraper with his participation.

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