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Become a human with the "Championship"

September 30 and October 1 Moscow will host a new stage of an exciting series of races with tests as part of the Reebok fitness festival. Become human. The central part of the event will be an exciting obstacle course. Participants in the team start will have a 7 km track and tests for endurance, strength, agility and teamwork.

Become a human with the

Photo: Reebok

The list of tasks is traditionally kept secret and becomes known only on the eve of the competition. This is what the track looked like in the spring.

Become a human with the

Reebok. Become Human: Top 5 Obstacle Course Stages

Stages in the unique Reebok Fitness Race. Become a man in Kolomenskoye and life hacks for passing.

On the eve of this event, the “Championship” together with the “Become Human” race team will give away a slot for participation in the race for the whole team and equipment from Reebok. Apply for participation. We will announce the winner on September 22 at 19:00 (Moscow time) in our Vkontakte group.

All fitness fans will be able to get free training at Reebok sites, which has everything you need to practice crossfit, running and mixed martial arts.

Become a human with the

Cross-fit. You are stronger than you think

The editors are trying and talking about the features and effectiveness of circuit training in the open air.

This year, the organizers did not limit themselves to just running the race. Participants and guests of the festival will be able to attend trainings under the guidance of experienced mentors, as well as lectures on sports and sports topics right on the site. You can find out the lecture schedule here.

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