Beauty of Russia - 2010 won overweight and got back in shape. How did Dasha do it?

Beauty of Russia, sportswoman, Komsomol member and simply beautiful Daria Konovalova is a Russian top model and mother of two charming daughters. Ten years ago, she became the last love of entrepreneur Boris Berezovsky and abandoned her modeling career. Then the girl started having problems with being overweight. But after parting with the disgraced oligarch, Dasha put herself in order, returned to work and started a family. The secret of her slimness is constant training.

How often does Daria Konovalova train?

In an interview, the model said that she trains quite often. When she is healthy and not on the road, she can do as many as five days a week, combining strength and Pilates.

Beauty of Russia - 2010 won overweight and got back in shape. How did Dasha do it?

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Beauty of Russia - 2010 won overweight and got back in shape. How did Dasha do it?

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Exercises that allow the model to stay in shape

We have selected exercises for you that Daria posted on her Instagram page. Looking at the gorgeous figure of the 32-year-old model, you understand that her recommendations are worth listening to.

Bar Squats

Engage the front and back of the thigh, buttocks.

Starting position: feet shoulder-width apart, toes spread apart. The grip of the bar is feet-width apart. The shoulder blades are brought together.

Slowly perform the squat to a 90-degree angle. At the same time, spread the knees to the sides towards the socks, and tighten the press. When lifting, lean on your heels.

Deadlift with a barbell

Engages the back of the thigh, glutes and back muscles.

Starting position: legs slightly bent, back straight .

Tilt your body forward, slightly pushing your buttocks back. Smoothly lower the bar along the legs as low as possible, then raise it in the same way.

Jumping out of the squat on the bench

The buttocks, front of the thigh, calves, and abs are involved.

Starting position: standing, feet shoulder-width apart.

Perform a squat and bring your arms in front of you at chest level. Jump as high as possible and land on a high surface: a bench, a cube, or a stable chair.Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Squats on the hemisphere

Engage the glutes, quadriceps muscle of the thigh, and lower back. Develops coordination.

Original position: legs apart slightly wider than shoulders, arms brought together at chest level.

The exercise is performed in the same way as regular squats, only standing on a hemisphere. For beginners, it is best to lay it flat side down. The option that Daria performs is more advanced.

Beauty of Russia - 2010 won overweight and got back in shape. How did Dasha do it?

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Beauty of Russia - 2010 won overweight and got back in shape. How did Dasha do it?

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Pistol and Reverse Pistol

Engage the front of the thigh, calf muscles, back and abs. Develops coordination.

Original position: feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other, back straight.

Stretch one leg forward, you can slightly bend it at the knee. Stretch your arms in front of you, tilt your body forward slightly to maintain balance. Go down smoothly. Try to maintain balance and rise to the starting position.

To perform a reverse pistol, slightly bend one leg at the knee and move it back. Keep your back straight. Squat on your supporting leg with your arms down. When lifting, put your hands on your waist.

Multilevel Squats

Engage leg muscles, build endurance.

Starting position: one foot on the step platform, the other on the floor.

Lean forward slightly, keeping your back straight and keeping your arms at chest level. Do a regular squat, then switch legs and squat on the other side of the platform.

Pulling the knees to the chest in TRX loops

Engaging the core muscles.


Starting position: legs in loops, hands shoulder-width apart, palms rested on the floor.

Stretch your legs, tighten your abs, keep your back straight, as in a plank position. Pull your knees to your chest - alternately or at the same time - and try not to swing.

Kettlebell Squats on a Step Platform

Engage the inner, front, and back of the thigh , buttocks, back muscles.

Starting position: butgi are wider than shoulders, kettlebell in straight arms, back straight.

For the best effect of the exercise, you need to stand on two step platforms. Perform squats by lowering the kettlebell between your legs. Squat all the way, leaning forward, but try to keep your back straight.

Beauty of Russia - 2010 won overweight and got back in shape. How did Dasha do it?

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