How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Night With This Diet

Beach season: how to get rid of your belly and get your abs

The sea, sand, a foreign resort - such a dream of a long-awaited vacation this year may not come true, but we can find the sun, the beach and a reservoir not far from home (and nobody canceled domestic resorts). This means that you need to prepare for the summer as responsibly as before. But what if the food eaten over the winter has not gone anywhere, and the isolation has also added something extra? Let's find out from Alexander Krupnov - an active professional athlete Elite Pro IFBB, a top trainer at Crocus Fitness and a participant in the SN PRO EXPO FORUM International Healthy Lifestyle and Sports Festival.


Nutrition is the key to good shape and well-being. This item always comes first. Eliminate sweet, fried, starchy foods, alcohol, and you will already feel much better and the results will be visible.

In order for cubes to appear on your stomach, you need to create a calorie deficit. You can calculate your calorie intake using one of the proposed forms on the Internet. They are all the same plus or minus. Then you need to reduce your rate by 10-15%.
Why can there not be a result if a person eats little (less than his norm)? Because it simply does not get it and its deficit is 50%, or even more. My advice is to find out your calorie intake, eat on it for a week, and then create the necessary deficit (10-15%).

Beach season: how to get rid of your belly and get your abs


Cheat meal

If we see the result, we see the press, the form satisfies us, then it is imperative to do a cheat meal. It helps to unload both mentally and physically, plus - to avoid disruptions. Eat whatever you want, what was forbidden before, enjoy yourself, relax and return to proper nutrition from the next day.

Beach season: how to get rid of your belly and get your abs

A day without bans. Is it possible to arrange a cheat meal and how to do it correctly

The specialist in healthy nutrition and weight correction answers.

Photo report

Since I am a trainer, then I force all my charges to be photographed before losing weight or gaining mass, so that later you can compare the results. Don't be guided by the scale! No matter how thin you are, the reflection in the mirror is important.

Beach season: how to get rid of your belly and get your abs



There are those who sleep regularly for 4-5 hours. It is not right! You need a full sleep - go to bed before 23:00 and sleep at least 8 hours. Our full recovery depends on it.

Top 5 exercises for a flat stomach

The most effective exercises for tightening your abdominal muscles are:

  • Curl
  • Bicycle
  • Leg Raises
  • Plank. It can be static or dynamic, turning the body left and right to engage the oblique muscles.
  • Vacuum. It is advisable to do it on an empty stomach and immediately after waking up. Trying to hold our breath so much weas much as possible, every day trying to increase this time.

All exercises, except for vacuum, must be done from three to five approaches, with 15-20 repetitions. Between them rest - 30 seconds.

Each time the muscles will get used to the load more and more, so it will be necessary to increase the intensity. But, if you do twisting, for example, and nothing burns for you, you add repetitions, and the sensations still have not changed, then you are doing something wrong. The most important thing is to curl up and squeeze until it burns.

I sleep, eat, exercise, but don't lose weight

If you approach business responsibly, follow all dietary rules, get enough sleep, obey your coach, but you don't see any result - you may have hormone problems. For example, increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone). You have a nervous work, you take everything to heart - this can contribute to the deposition of fat in the abdomen. Be sure to get tested before starting any preparation.

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